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Astrology Services

1. The Birth Chart Cast on the Indian System. We provide Horoscope either made by Hand or made through Computer Software. The Horoscope is fully analysed by our astrologers. This will cover:
Birth Chart
Placement of Planets
General Events in Life
Dasha Calculations
Source of Income
Family Life
Suitable Remedies to vanish your problems After seeing our predictions and remedies, you will change the way you think about Indian Astrology!

2.Horoscope Matchmaking
Are you curious about exploring your compatibility with someone else or are you just looking for insight into your relationship? If so, then you will most likely find one of your details in depth compatibility reports which will be very informative and helpful to you. Find out what fortune has in store for you and your mate. Both reports analyse the relationship between two persons which is calculated from the exact time and place of birth for maximum accuracy, receive answers to Burning Questions related to True Love, Romance, Friendship and Sex and Affection. Discover how to Deepen your relationships and become more receptive to one another. The accuracy and insight found in the reports will amaze you.
3.Business horoscope
Anyone who is thinking of starting a business or already is in the business but not getting proper success, come to us and we will provide you better suggestions according to planetary configurations to flourish your business. Know more about your business growth and prosperity insight of Vedic Astrology. The Report covers:
A complete analysed report about your Profession or Business
Planets and their influences
Intellectual Capability
Change of Business
Success in efforts, how much and when
Material gains if any
Your Ambition
Suitable Remedies to vanish your problems
4. Marriage horoscope
5. Career horoscope
6.Progeny horoscope or Progeny astrology

Transition in Indian astrology

Transit is the real time physical astrological influences arising from the connections made between the present placements by zodiacal sign and degree of the planets, luminaries and nodes, angles and houses in the birth chart for the individual or entity being studied.
At an y one period of time, transits from each of the luminaries and planets, to at least one or another of the houses (ideally, two, since both ascendant and solar houses should be separately tracked) in the birth chart will be active; and from time to time each luminary and planet will from different transits by aspects to planets, luminaries and other individual points in the birth chart.
Since the planets, luminaries and nodes each move through the entire zodiac in a fairly regular period of time specific to the planet, luminary or node concerned, all transits are cyclical in nature; and the cycles of the luminaries, moon’s nodes and planets from mercury to Saturn are repeated in their entirely on multiple occasions in the average life time of a human being. The period of Uranus is 84 years, so only those who live to this age or greater will experience its complete cycle of transits to the factors in their birth charts. The periods of Neptune and Pluto extend to approximately twice and thrice time (Respectively) the average life span of a fortunate human being; and therefore each of us will only ever experience a certain portion of the full cycle of Neptune and Pluto transits to our horoscope chart.
The mean geocentric periods of the different luminaries and planets are approximately:Moon-29.6 days, Mercury and Venus-365.24days (Since mercury and venus are within the earth’s orbit they always appear to circuit the zodiac at the same average rate as the Sun);Mars-686.98days;Jupiter-11.68 years;Saturn-29.46 years,Uranus-84.01 years;Neptune-164.8 years,Pluto-247.7 years. These periods divided by twelve give the average amount of time that each luminary or planet takes to transit each sign, and therefore on average (allowing for different house sizes) each natal house.However, because of eccentricities to their orbits and factors connected with the movement of the earth relative to the Sun., the planets do not all move through each sign in the same amount of time. The apparent speed of the Moon changes considerably; it takes sometimes as little as just over 48 hours to transit a sign; other times well over 60 hours. Pluto takes over twice as many years to transit some signs as it takes to transit ones on the opposite side of the zodiac, and has been in the fastest-moving part of its cycle in our lifetimes. Transits to the planets, luminaries, nodes and angles operate by means of aspects, in exactly the same manner as aspects in the birth chart, except that they are transient (temporary) rather than radical (life long) influences.
However, whereas in Vedic or Indian astrology quite large allowances are made for the orbs of influence of the different types of aspects, where aspects by transit are under consideration the orbs allowed are very much smaller. Opinions vary as to the size of allowable orbs for transiting aspects, but their effects will be felt most strongly when they are exact to within just one degree. This applies right across the board for all the major aspect types. It is perhaps advisable to allow three degrees for conjunctions and oppositions; two degrees for squares and trines, and no more than one degree for sextiles,semisquares,sesquiquadrates,quincunxes,semisextiles,quintiles and biquintiles.All other type of aspects are best disregarded as immaterial.
While a luminary or planet is aspecting by transit a celestial body, angle or node in the horoscope or birth chart, the transit will be experienced as the transiting body exerts a temporary influence, corresponding to its general nature and the types of aspects formed., upon the features of personality, body and psychology governed by the aspected point in the birth chart. Whatever the nature of the influence, it will adjust the condition of the aspected point in the birth chart while it lasts, and may variously offset, clash with, harmonise with or accentuate the effects of the natal aspects and sign and house position of this point.
Transits by the planets from mercury to Pluto are more complex events than the straight direct passes through the zodiac evidenced by the Sun and the Moon, involving repeated periods of slower retrograde motion in the reverse direction through the signs and degrees of the zodiac, interspersed with the more rapid direct motion in the normal direction through the zodiac. Whenever one of these planets ceases to move in direct motion and turns retrograde. When it ceases to move in retrograde motion, it comes to a halt again, and is said to station direct. When a planet is close to one of its stations, and is said to station direct. When a planet is close to one of its stations, it moves very slowly, and any aspect it forms by transit to a point in the birth chart will last much longer than it does on average. When a planet stations within aspecting orb (especially within one degree)of a point in the birth chart, the effect of the aspect by transit will be not only much longer-lasting but also more strongly and keenly felt than a regular passing-by transiting aspect of the same type between the same bodies.
When transiting planets turn retrograde, they very commonly form in retrograde motion the same transiting aspect they recently made in direct motion to a particular point in the birth chart. At this point, the same issue highlighted in the life of the individual affected during the first direct motion pass will be brought into focus again, but usually with a sense that there is more still to be done to resolve them. Then when the transiting planet involved turns direct once more and forms the same aspect in direct motion for a second and final time, the issues concerned will meet with their final outcome as affected by the transit that has been ongoing. Occasionally the outer planets such as Neptune and Pluto then turn retrograde again and move far enough back through the degrees of the zodiac to form the same aspect by transit in retrograde motion for a second time. When this happens, it will be experienced as a further recurrence of the issues highlighted by the particular transit concerned being brought into focus in a manner suggestive of slight backtracking or a lack of complete resolution. And then on the third direct pass of the transit the issues or activities will finally be definitively resolved as far as they are going to be the transit that has been in progress.
Transits to the houses exactly resemble natal chart placements of planets and luminaries in the houses. When a real time planet or luminary occupies a zodiacal sign and degree placements that fall within the area of the zodiac spanned by a particular house in the birth chart, then the transit of that planet or luminary to that house is effective. Within three degrees of the cusp of the next house, the planet and luminary concerned will exhibit some influence in the next house.

Online astrology

Online astrology or online Indian horoscope solves one of the greatest mysteries of life. The ancient philosophy of which online astrology or Indian astrology is an integral part gives a very comprehensive scheme of human evolutions which solves many of the riddles baffling the modern and the so called scientific mind. An understanding of many problems of life which is predicted in various situations by our Vedic astrologers is not only enabling us to have a balanced view on the various problems of everyday existence, it also aids sensible predictions relating to the future of man or woman.
Indian astrology begins by assuming that the present life of the individual is always in the womb of his past. The quantum of the force with which the man lives and moves on this earth, is apportioned at the time of his/her birth as a result of his/her past deeds. If the life force itself has been very limited, no matter how many other astrological factors are fortified.
Online astrology or Indian horoscope has a unique place among the scientific subjects inquiring the affects of heavenly impacts over individual. Online astrology does not deny any experience, mystical or mundane. In collaboration with other existing sources of knowledge online astrology or online horoscope Indian proceeds boldly in the realm of the unknown and reveals many new dimensions of human life and the forces operating on individuals. Unlike the physical sciences which assume several preconditions concerning causative factors, online Vedic astrology inquires into the psychological and psychic structures of the human being taking into account even the possibility of genuine mystic experiences. This method of online astrology inquiry assumes from the very outset that the sphere of human existence does not extend only upto the physically perceptible dimensions of our experiences.
Online astrology is a branch of study which gives a new understanding of deeper human problems. It opens many new facets of human problems. Online astrology readings gives an insight into the causes of disparity regarding birth conditions of different persons; some persons are born with proverbial silver spoon whilst others have been suffering penury, ill health and deprivations thought their life; many persons suffer unexpected frustrations in spite of their precautions while others enjoy only favourable and pleasant circumstances; on occasions one finds righteous men suffering seemingly cruel misfortune while unscrupulous and corrupt individuals galore in fabulous riches. All such events are convincingly explained by a careful study of online Indian astrology birth chart which in fact was considered by the ancient Indian astrologers as vedanga,an essential component of pure understanding-the Vedas.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Relocation astrology Prediction

There is a wide application of the divine science of Indian astrology in each and every aspect of life, be it the maintenance of good health, acquisition of good academic and professional qualifications, handling emotional activity, planning and management of business enterprises, timing of investments for greater returns, implementation of advertisement campaigns,relocation,change of residence etc. Indian astrology follow relocation method through living near the planetary lines running the geographical areas. The need of people for decision to move or relocate may arise out of compulsions of professions,business,following one’s interest, acquisition of competencies, enjoying a luxurious life, participating in adventurous and high risk and high reward games etc. The decision of relocation is very important and needs a proper and systematic analysis of the planetary influences in one’s horoscope chart to ensure success. The elements involved are opportunities and compulsions. Both the opportunities and compulsions are indicated through placement of planets and their strengths in the horoscope chart. The astrological planets ruling self, native place, enterprises and status placed in the houses ruling foreign residences and journeys offer opportunities and urges for relocation to follow acquisition of competencies and capabilities, tastes ,learning, growing and harnessing talents. While the strong and well placed planets in the horoscope chart in their own periods induce tastes, pursuits and movements as per their own characteristics or direction the weak planets participate compulsive moves based on their placement in the horoscope chart. The Inter-relationship of first,second,third,fourth,fifth,seventh and tenth houses of horoscope chart with seventh,ninth,twefth and eighth houses entail relocation. The Sun rules the east direction. The sun rules the seat of governmental power and spiritual knowledge in Vedic astrology. The Moon rules the North West direction. The moon rules blessings through the seat of power and comforts. Mars rules the south direction. Mars rules armed forces, project erection and law enforcing agencies. Mercury rules the north direction. Mercury rules the communications, research and commercial centres.Jupiter rules the north-east direction. Jupiter rules legal and financial hubs of administration besides the spiritual advancement centers.Venus rules the south-east direction, Venus rules places which are famous for art,talent,creativity,finances,luxury,pleasure,fashion centers and films. Saturn rules the west direction. Saturn rules mines, big projects, distant places and labour intensive projects.Rahu rules the south-west direction.Rahu rules places known for fast and risky trading, gambling, manipulations etc.Ketu rules the upward direction and places famous for mystical knowledge and spirituality. The combined influence of strong sun, Venus and Jupiter may offer opportunities in managing international affairs. The combined influence of strong mercury mars and Saturn may bring opportunities and achievements in the field of scientific and technical innovations. An astrological reading in matters of relocation astrology is the function of planetary placements, strengths, forthcoming planetary periods and transit influences. A proper astrology reading with the astrological remedial advice can certainly be a much better relocation related decisions. Needless to add that those who are impelled by gods are blessed and they make uses of the divine science of the Indian astrology for a better life, new energy, spiritual growth and self realization. Hence, Indian or Vedic astrology plays an important role in deciding the better relocations of a person that can he/she achieve success in his life utilizing the astrological facts and predictions.