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Theory of the five elements in Vaastu Shashtra

The five elements, according to the rules of
 are the basic elements that form the world we are living in:

Cycles of Birth

Earth - Dig and you'll get Metal

Metal - Condensation and you'll get water

Water - Nourishes and give you wood (plants)

Wood - Burns and give you fire

Fire - Settles and give you ashes, and form the Earth

And the cycle continues

Friday, February 22, 2019


    According to the ancient Jyotish science of Hinduism, each gemstone is associated with a particular planet. Each planet has its own color which corresponds to the color vibration of its stone. The healing gemstone acts like a filter and absorbs and reflects these color energy fields and balances their effect in the human body.
The positive vibrations of the gemstones neutralize the negative ones of the planets and protect the wearer from them. The ancient Vedic text Brihat Samhita throws light on the healing influences of various gemstones. Hindu astrology, even suggests cheaper alternatives for natives who do not have the financial resources to invest in the more expensive healing stones.

     Yes, gemstones do heal but there is need to wear right gemstone as according to birth chart.
Gemstones are minerals which strengthens weak planet in chart. Further , it can also be worn for functional benefic planets in horoscope.
Some of the astrologers tell to wear gemstones of functional malefic planets citing reason that with the help of gemstones , negativity of the planet can be reduced but it will be other way round . By wearing gemstones of functional malefic planet will increase negativity and thus careful consideration is required before wearing gemstones.
Some of the uses of gemstone are :-
It give strength to weaker or afflicted planets.
By wearing gemstones of ascendant lord will give improvement in overall sphere of life.
By wearing correct gemstones can be helpful for financial life , luck , health as well as personal life.
By wearing right gemstones will able to counter act negative planet dasa too.
Overall , uses of gemstones are manifold which can only be tell by looking birth chart.

Sunday, February 17, 2019


astrology is the self awareness  and reasoning  offers you, a comprehension that permits you to generate your own solutions to problems, providing perspectives to move you forward  through  life's challenges  with  greater  clarity and certainty. The astrological chart  reading  gives you an objective mirror that allows you to take on a deeper questioning. This results in a clearer vision of yourself.

   From this you gain increased access to your talents, confidence with challenges, and the understanding to effectively navigate repeating life circumstances. It answers virtually any question you have about yourself and your life, guiding you toward a growth solution.  The  reading  results  in your feeling  more control over your  life, the reins and lines in your hands. This  personal  orientation  connects you with a vision of what is possible for you and the ways to pursue that. It serves you as a guide on your path in life.
 While it appears that Astrology advocates that planets and stars somehow affect or control us, it is really only people who make such claims. Astrological delineations are based on observation of phenomena and reporting of their consistencies.  In other words, Astrological delineations reveal a universal order in place of the apparent chaos of human life.  As such it is co-relative , to the modern base of human existing problem. Over time such observation gave birth to the system of Astrology, which continues to evolve based on yet more refined observation and reporting viewed in the context of human life on earth.  
  1.  reason that “Indian Astrology” (predictive Astrology) seems to be accurate in predicting what will happen to people says more about the person than the efficacy of this particular “old paradigm” application of Astrology. We have a karma (past patterns that serve as a point of self-awareness from which we apply choice —the result of free will. When our beliefs are based upon superstition, of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ influences —the perspective that drives predictive Astrology— and we see the astrologer as a form of authority, we give up our own self-determination, and along with it, our free will to embrace our current life purpose.
  2. Modern Astrology —which is mostly visible in the West— understands that humanity, through all of us individuals, is evolving. In past times we were mostly at the whims of our patterns, and prediction was more reliable, whereas now it is accurate when people follow a karmically determined (past pattern) path. This is characterized by “default” action rather than free will based choices, ones that are informed by a understanding of the unique purpose that drives our evolving.
Some astrologers, in particular those who are able to grasp purpose as shown in the chart, can make accurate predictions related to one’s growth (or evolution). This is facilitated by an interactive reading where the individual demonstrates a degree of self-awareness and motivation to grow that is greater than the default sense of “fate”. Such a fatalistic viewpoint includes experiencing life as a victim of circumstances, resulting lack of self-determination, rather than an informed author of your life. To understand a person from a personal growth viewpoint necessarily requires a chart that uses the “complete” solar system, including the “transcendent” function planets discovered in the past few centuries: Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and more recently Chiron.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Participate in Divine Shat Chandi Yagya to become winner in life

Life is not a bed of roses and will continue to replicate problems and challenges in front of us. If we are not sure of how to deal with these unending problems then we just have to seek blessing of mother Durga (Chandi) and you will feel that some cosmic power is helping you out to solve your problems. Chandi Yagya can add you in clearing off the obstacles and hurdles on your path to success. Goddess Durga, the chief deity of this Yagya will gift you with the power to balance your passion and dispassion, indulgence and denial with her blessings; you will be able to manifest your true divine self that unites the selfishness and selflessness. To performing this Yagya you can invoke the energy of Goddess Durga (Chandi) who will help you mastering your life. You can effortlessly solve all the problems of life with her blessings. There is nothing in this material world which is difficult to be procured by worshipping Mother Durga.
The core of the ceremony involves a recitation of the Durga saptashati.These are 700 secret and powerful mantras in praise of Goddess Durga in which she defeats various demons and blesses devotees with abundance of happiness,prosperity,health,victory in all efforts. Shat Chandi Yagya Havan is a very unique, rare and elaborate Yagna. Getting the Shatchandi yagya Havan done is an act of great merit and brings immense blessings from the Divine Mother. When one gets done the Shatchandi Yagya, one acquires immense energy. As a result, even the greatest hardships that may seem hopeless to an individual may be conquered and at the same time immense blessings from the Divine Mother can be brought in. The Sat Chandi Yagna is a very unique sacrificial rite involving powerful Sapta Shati mantras. In Shat Chandi Our priests will recite 100 Sapta Shati Path. We do Samputit of any Mantra according the problem. Sapta Shati Have more Mantras according to Troubles in our life. When we take Samputit Path Yagya then Troubles will be going to be removed. We can rid from very serious problem by these yagya homam.
Navratri, which is considered an especially auspicious time to honor Mother Divine and gain Her blessings for world peace, prosperity and beautiful children and for relief from afflictions of all types, including alleviation of the adverse affects of the planets, liberation from troubles, restoration of friendships and overcoming enemies. Everyone is invited to gain the blessings of Mother Divine through participation in this Shatchandi Yagya, which is understood to have powerful effects on the cosmic, global and individual levels.
“SHAT CHANDI YAGYA” for the following purpose:-
(1)- For acquiring comforts, happiness and wealth.
(2)-For removal of “state-fears”
(3)-For becoming free from debts.
(4)-For liberation from bondage.
(5)-For the welfare of the family.
(6)-To prevent all kinds of calamities and distress.
(7)-For success in all walks of life and for acquiring authority and power.
(8)-For defeating then oppositions etc.
Because you have a great chance to be the part of this Shat Chandi Maha Yagya. Don’t miss this opportunity; this sort of opportunity will never come again.
Basic Package for membership is 15,000Rs.
(This is Group Yagya for members)
Special Package for Membership-1,51000Rs.
(This is Individual Yagya for one family or one Member)
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Astroguru-india.com is going to celebrate Great and Rare Shatchandi Yagya by its most qualified and experienced panel of priests. You too can become the Part of our Divine celebration of Shat Chandi Yagya which will be held from13th October,2015 to 22nd Oct 2015 in Delhi. We will telecast (Audio visual) the complete Yagya procedure real time online for nine days where you can feel the divination and vibration of Mantra being in your home and office from any part of world. After completion of Yagya we will send Prasadam, coconut and special thread of Mother Durga to be placed in your house for all types of success.

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Vastu for Love Relationship Success - Reveal the secrets of Love Life

The first step is to find out what ails the house. If the house is T-shaped and the main building is located towards the south-east direction of the plot, it causes division of good energies that may lead the spouse to look beyond for satisfaction. Since, it may not be possible to make structural changes to this kind of a house, you can neutralize it by hanging a mirror at the junctions of the 'Ts'.
Vaastu Shastra suggests the placement of lampshades with soft or pastel coloured lighting in the South West direction of the bedroom in order to rejuvenate the flagging love life. Spreading pink or light colored sheets with flowery designs on it are good for people looking forward to marriage.
Mirrors directly facing the bed in the bedroom is the main cause of marriages getting crowded. Such a mirror encourages infidelity. And the larger the mirror, the more harmful it is to marriage! So, get rid of all such mirrors.
It is well known that water bodies, like ponds, fountains, swimming pools, and the like should always be located according to the principles of Vastu. If they are wrongly placed, men folk of the house are likely to develop a roving eye that can lead to infidelity. So, ensure that the water bodies are always located in the north-east of the house.
Unfaithfulness may also be caused by a depression in the ground towards the west. This exposes the spouse to excessive negative energies that work against marriage. You must fill up this depression. For example, if you have a basement constructed in the west, it is best to fill it up. If this is not possible, then hang a brass bell there. Its vibrations will help counter the effect of negative energies.
Make sure that North East corner of the room is not cluttered in any way. Indoor plants, white flowers in the North corner and purple or red roses in the South West corner helps in improving the relationship and enjoying the ecstasies of love.
Feeling lack of romance in your life? Check for the clutter in the house. The clutter energy blocks the positive vibration and thus lacks love & happiness. Thus, "de-cluttering" is the mool mantra.

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Business Horoscope

Anyone who is thinking of starting a business or already is in the business but not getting proper success, come to us and we will provide you better suggestions according to planetary configurations to flourish your business.

Know more about your business growth and prosperity insight of Vedic Astrology.

The Report covers:

  1. A complete analyzed report about your Profession or Business
  2. Planets and their influences
  3. Intellectual Capability
  4. Change of Business
  5. Success in efforts, how much and when
  6. Material gains if any
  7. Your Ambition
  8. Suitable Remedies to vanish your problems
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Consult famous astrologers to overcome Problems

Everyone has the desire to know what the future has in store for them. Our astrologers offer online Horoscope service and online astrology readings based on the ancient principles of Indian astrology to help you uncover your destiny using the power of Vedic astrology and the principle of Jyotish, the knowledge to use divine light that removes ignorance.

Vedic horoscope offers valuable insight into the future to aid in decision making regarding marriage, career, business and other issues. All that is needed for a kundali reading of your birth chart is the date, time and place of your birth. Using this information, our astrologers can perform online readings of your Vedic horoscope.

Whether you are concerned about relationships, career prospects, heath or any other issue, let Indian astrology reveal the answers you are seeking. In addition to providing valuable insight, Indian astrology offers religious ceremonies known as Yagya, which can be performed to mitigate or avoid pain in life.

Avail our telephonic astrology consultancy to know about life ahead and to know the solution of problems.
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Top Indian astrologers

Astrology seems to be an important thing for many, especially those living in far eastern countries. In many cases, individuals like to benefit from assistance of Astrologer in order to get something special in their activity. In terms of Horoscope Reading, you need to contemplate visiting Astroguru-India.Com that you will find a guide of business prospects, match making and more on basis of Indian astrology India. Many indian astrology services you can find at Astro Guru India, Organization Astrology is one thing that you need to take benefit mainly because it will guide you to do business in the right way. Astrology Reading program provided by the website earlier mentioned is done on schedule trustable astrological procedures, thereby increasing validity from the result. Many Greatest Astrologers are available over the past couple of years but you should be picky to find best of the best that is available at Astro Guru India.
Indian Astrologers and Vedic Astrologers are well known for their good knowledge, this also is the reason why this website offers astrology reading service by one of the astrologers. Just about all Online Astrologers you can keep in touch only at that website have many years of experience, and this is why you can get best idea about certain things that you need. It is believed that Indian Indian astrology and Vedic Astrology or perhaps Hindu Astrology offers something in prediction associated with certain things. For this reason, a lot more people like to benefit from Astrology India. Indian Horoscope as well as Vedic Horoscope available at the site above is what you can find from Online Horoscope by which you can get a guide upon every single step you want to take in this life.
Astrology is widely used by many people people since it presents any prediction that is certainly often needed for much better life. For this reason, the website offers Horoscope Studying service with guarantee of trustable Horoscope Estimations. Without a doubt, Online Horoscope Readings available at the website are typical on basis of reputable astrological procedure. Including Birth Chart, Progeny Horoscope
to Union Horoscope, it is some thing real that you can get correct prediction since Astro Expert India enables you to communicate with Famous Astrologers. Of many horoscope services, you certainly can usually benefit from Corporate Astrology given by Astro Guru India like the things will be carried out on basis of experienced Horoscope Readers. What makes Astro Guru India stand out is to offer zodiac based on Yagya, which is well known for its accurate prediction
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Telephonic Astrology consultancy

                    Vedic astrology predictions/vedic astrology services/vedic astrology consultancy

  Importance of the moon in Vedic astrology  

Many people believe that astrology only concern the sun. This is due to the western world view of astrology, which has taken on the form of zodiac horoscopes.However,in, in truth the study of astrology goes well beyond sun signs.

In the western world, such as in china and India, The moon is actually the primary consideration in studies of astrology. The Moon signs and cycles are used to determine the best time for various activities, and is a part of daily life. This may seem backward to some, but actually results in more accurate predictions in many cases than western astrology can ascertain.

The Moon plays a very important role in astrology and astrological phenomena. The position and phase of the moon influences the other aspects of astrology, including sun signs and planetary movements. In fact, the moon influences other aspects of astrology as a whole. In Indian(Vedic)astrology moon signifies mother and denotes softness,sattvic nature,brain,swift nature, charming eyes,steadiness,smartness,generosity and methodical.

Envision that astrology is made of the study of all of the planets and the sun. The astrological birth chart and the study of how planetary alignments affect sun signs are based on those aspects of astrology. The moon actually influences this overall picture, and can cause certain aspects of astrological phenomena to influence our lives differently than was otherwise predicted.

The Moon, for the most part, influences our emotions. In certain phases of the Moon, the predictions made through the study of astrological phenomena that would otherwise occur fail to happen, because our emotions do not produce the reactions to the astrological phenomena that would normally be expected. In other phases of the moon, astrological phenomena of planetary alignments and their effect on the zodiac sun signs are not altered from their original readings.

The influence of the moon on the zodiac is a study in and of itself. When you are aware of your sun sign, you can use information about the cycles of the moon and the moon signs to determine the best time to make decisions or avoid certain activities. The moon signs are named the same as the zodiac, but do not coincide with them.

The signs of the moon cycle each month, rather than each year as in the case of sun. Sun covers a sign in one month, whereas moon covers a sign in 2-1/4 days, hence the moon can give more information about a native then sun. Each sign has three phases: ascending, true and descending .Each sign influences our emotions differently, depending on our sun sign influences our emotions differently, depending on our sun sign and natural tendencies. The phases of the moon also affect our emotions and other aspects of astrology. When we learn about these influences that the moon holds over us and astrological phenomena, then we can use this information to our advantage. For example, during the new moon the most people are not capable of rational thought, knowing this can help them to avoid major decision making during the time of the full moon.

You can avail our Telephonic astrology Readings services being in the United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Germany or any part of the world.

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Remedial astrology Readings

Remedial Solution is the most mysterious and complicated part of Indian Vedic astrology with earliest references coming from the Vedas. People have to undergo a number of stages in their lifetimes. In certain cases failures and obstacles are faced whereas in other cases success is achieved. Spiritual healing, Reiki, astrological remedies such as stones, mantras, prayers, offerings to gods, visits to holy places etc. enhances the chances of success in endeavors in which the person is facing difficulties. In some cases people achieve success in which they had adopted remedial vedic astrology measures advised by capable astrologers and healers. Remedial Astrology Measure means a conscious effort which may include chanting of Vedic prayers (Mantras), wearing of gemstones, fasting on certain days, wearing amulets (Yantras or amulets, donating to the poor, offering selfless services to others, contributing to Vedic fire-rituals etc. Remedy is a very powerful tool and through it there might be great or even complete re-configurations in the stage of a person's life. Indian Horoscope offers remedial astrology reports. We not only find out the facts through astrology findings and calculations but also offer remedies for all the problems. We have a panel of astrologers who are highly qualified and experienced in the offering astrology solution. We offer gems, yantras, rudrakshas, mantras and many others solution to nullify the bad effects of planets and stars. The bad effects of planets and starts can be evaded by using these remedial solutions offered by Horoscope Consultants. Puja and several other ways too can appease the planets and remove the ill effects of the planets. We astrologers at astroguru-india.com provides you the better astrological solutions to ward off all materialistic problems. We will provide you a remedial report, which could contain all, or combination of remedies discussed below: Gems: Throughout the ages, gems and precious metals have been worn for specific purposes and often prescribed by astrologers and healers. In Vedic Astrology, wearing of recommended gems is one of the main methods for remedying life problems as detected in the horoscope Gems are used to strengthen the weak auspicious planets and to strengthen the already strong planets. Gems are studded in different metals which is supposed to supportive to planets are recommended. Each gem stone has to be worn according to astrological parameters described in astrological texts otherwise it could become harmful. Pooja: Pooja could be termed as exercises keep our bodies healthy and free from disease, as yoga keeps the flow of our vital energy in good condition, pooja is a ritual performed to keep us in harmony with the cosmic forces, thereby removing and overcoming the sorrows of life and bringing spiritual advancement. Pooja thali is necessary, which contains all the essential accessories for a pooja, a bell, small bowl, a matka, an om coin and a leaf shaped tiny box to hold roli in Plate. Yagya: Yagya is a sacrificial fire ceremony and is an important devotional practice. During the homam priests offer a lot of herbal ingredients and pure ghee into the fire chanting Vedic mantras. This is Very powerful remedial solution to ward off all types of problems. Japam: Japams are done to accomplish any desire one specific time of Vedic mantras are recited toward off problems. These mantras could be 125000 vedic mantras are chanted If a person is not able to do every day puja, Kavach Recitation, fast then he could appoint a priests or a trained Brahmin to do a Japam by chanting the required mantras for the required days on behalf of the person and give complete Yagya and ahuti in the sacred fire. Priests perform the Homam and give food to the Brahmins. Due to these japams the malefic effects of the planets is eradicated, and the planets do not give their ill or malefic effects. Donations: The easiest way to lessen the malefic effects of planets is to donate material which is denoted or related or are liked by the respective malefic planets. Due to this planets will lessen their malefic effects. Fasting: Fasts are recommended on a specific day and on that appointed day clothes are worn according to the planet for whom the fast is observed and using crystal or Rudraksha bead mantras have to be chanted to appease the planet. Fasts observed with the proper japams give ten fold effects to the person who is observing the fast. Yantras: Yantra means a "talisman", or "instrument" or Kavach" which, if prepared and created by a qualified person as well as utilized under his specific instructions for fruitful results, will help to gain the objector objects of desire or ambition. A Yantra is essential in every field of your life, to attain success in your profession, to acquire wealth, to win in court cases, to ward off diseases and to progress in meditation. By having a Yantra and keeping it in a sacred place in your house, gazing it everyday can fulfill your desires and help in attaining your goals. Yantra is a suitable object for puja it must be energized. It is auspicious to see the Yantra daily in the morning and one should lit incense/dhoop or lamp with ghee before the Yantra every morning. By doing this native is blessed with success and wealth. Amulets: Use of amulet is in vogue since thousands of years. A trained and a spiritual person who prepares it on a special leaf, which is known as a “bhoja patra”. A special yantra or mantra or a special figure is drawn on the bhoja patra with special ink and a special pen that is usually made with a wood of Anar. After drawing the bhoja patra is given life by japams on special nights and then folded and put in a silver casing to be given to the person concerned. This remedial astrology report provides you an in-depth analysis of your horoscope and suggests appropriate remedies to ward off all problems.
Contact Number for astrology consultancy 08285153249

Sudarshana Yagya

Shri Sudarshana Yagya is performed for protection and getting rid of black magic. Sudarshana Yagna is regarded as the best protection from all evils, dosha nivaran, troubles from enemies, black magic, evil eye, fear and persecution by evil sprits and health problems. This Yagya grants the protection of Lord Vishnu's Sudarshana Chakra. Pooja of Lord Vishnu is performed with Tulsi leaves. The Sudarshana refers to the Chakra (discus) of Lord Vishnu, weapon to repel and punish evil and it is constructed from the pure flame of the sun. It is a dynamic Yantra, and its construction represents a whirling wheel of sacred flame that keeps all negativity, illness, misfortune etc. at bay. Within the body of the Yantra are inscribed sacred bija mantras or seed syllables that have proven their efficacy as protective talismans. When worshipping this Yantra, the devotee visualizes himself being in the centre of this sacred circle of sun-fire, secure and protected from all harm and evil source that might befall him. Our services of astrologers can be availed from all parts of world like USA,UK,AUSTRALIA,CANADA etc.Find us best astrologers,astrology and accurate horoscope services in the world.
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Sharpa shanti Yagya

Kaal Sarpa Yoga is a dangerous position of planet Rahu and Ketu in a horoscope. It is formed when all the planets are situated between Rahu and Ketu in a horoscope. It is one of the malefic yoga. If it is present in the horoscope the person has to face lots of difficulties, obstacles and setbacks in life. He does not get desired results in spite of putting lot of efforts. Sharpa Shanti Yagya is performed to mitigate curse of Kaal Sarpa Yoga, which is formed in Horoscope. In this Yagna Nine snakes are appeased through mantra and devotees get blessings to eradicate Kaal Sharpa Dosha. After completion of this Yagna one can start gaining everything which one never got due to malefic influence of Kaal Sharpa Dosha in horoscope. Our yagya services can be availed from all parts of world like USA,UK,AUSTRALIA,CANADA etc.Find us best astrologers for accurate astrology and horoscope.
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Saraswati Yagya

Saraswati, the manifestation of Mother Divine is responsible for the enlightenment and spread of pure knowledge, and also progress in areas of study and arts. By performing the Saraswati Yagna, the qualities of wisdom, intelligence and good memory are enhanced in the individual and the environment. Saraswati Yagya help gain blessings and support of Mother Divine in the areas of spiritual study, educational activities, arts, performing arts, writing, public speaking, visual arts and music. The Saraswati Yagyas are often performed prior to starting studies. For knowledge, education, good karma and fame can be achieved through this Yagya. Goddess Saraswati is the consort of Lord Brahma and is the controller of education, intelligence and speech. She has four hands representing four aspects of human personality in learning; mind, intellect, alertness and ego. The Yagya is also helpful in the curing the problem of stammering. By performing this Yagya one is blessed with wisdom and gains better concentration and confidence level. Our astrology services are accessible from all parts of world like USA,UK,AUSTRALIA,CANADA etc.If you are searching for astrologers,astrology and horoscope then get most accurate astrology services by our astrologers.
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Lord Hanuman Yagya

Shri Hanuman is known to be the incarnation of Lord Shiva. It is believed that when Lord Vishnu took birth, in the form of Rama, Lord Hanuman too stepped forward and helped Lord Rama overcome the evil activities of the King Ravana (the demon king). Even today, Hanuman’s dedicated service to Lord Rama is narrated in religious gatherings and people glorify his heroic deeds and devoutness. Hanuman became the greatest devotee ever in this world, and hence called Rama Bhakta Hanuman. God Shesh Naag and Lord Shiva incarnated as Lakshman and Hanuman respectively. Lord Hanuman Yagya is performed to eliminate all the obstacles from our everyday life. Our astrology services are accessible from entire world so why are you waiting now?Avail our horoscope services and become more happier and prosperous.Find us astrologers,Astrology and horoscope reading in the world.

Luxmi Narayan Yagya

Lakshmi Narayan Yagya is performed for prosperity, material abundance, good luck, harmony and spiritual prosperity. To remove troubles that prevents us from starting a spiritual path or business. Laxmi is the goddess of wealth and the consort of Lord Vishnu. Lakshmi is the Hindu Goddess who governs all form of wealth and success and the paths, means and results of all forms of prosperity. As the consort of Lord Vishnu, who is the god of preservation, Lakshmi Devi is the goddess of wealth and beauty. Sri Lakshmi embodies sublime beauty, siddhi, peace, strength, balance, auspiciousness, opulence and wisdom. Find us online as horoscope,astrology and astrologers. Our astrology services are accessible from entire world like USA,UK,AUSTRALIA,CANADA etc.