Wednesday, March 30, 2011

An amusing look at Indian Horoscope

It appears to be a belief for many people to horoscope readings in the every morning. In the past, People check horoscope in newspaper, but today's modern technology allows to find on web or sent to email. Although the one that is adorable today and preferable is based on sun signs, and some are more precise in horoscope readings, their study is based on the signs of the Moon on Indian horoscopes. Type of Indian horoscopes is based on views of Indian astrologers, using moon signs a technique that has been around for several thousands of years. This is done by choosing the position of the planets and their consequence on different systems.
Mathematical technologies are used to interpret, analyze and calculate the system to create a unique horoscope, accurate horoscope and detailed horoscope. Because the moon is in a perception nature’s clock, its natural cycles and rhythms have been entrusted for centuries by several different people, particularly those who use nature as part of life. Many people finally appreciate that Indian horoscopes have a strong influence on the
emotions and life. When the sun shows a sense the core of the individual ego and horoscope readings of the moon represent the emotions and mind. To determine the sign of the moon, you need your birth date, along with the time where you were born and when you were born.According to the placement of moon at birth, your moon sign is mainly different from your Sun
sign. An example is the sun sign of Virgo, born on the east coast tonight will be the sign of Moon Leo when using the moon system in India.
When comparing the two types of horoscope, Western vs. Indian, there are many principles found in the both horoscope. Some of the same thing such as the twelve features of human lives,which are houses, and the attributes of the planets. However, there are still many different features, as the system of Indian horoscope has an additional 27 sub-division overlap in the 12 signs in the chart. Due to the way of each system work, the prediction based on the moon is contemplated more specific and accurate. Many believe that the generic sun sign predictions for all people born under the sign of true that they have the same attributes. However, with moon, 2 people born on the same date but at different times and places may have different signs of the moon, thus very different characteristics.
Many people still confer their astrology before heading out the door in the morning, either online or in newspapers. In the past, most only have access to the sun sign horoscope readings, which may or may not execute to them on a particular day. However, with technology and the dissemination of knowledge Indian horoscopes, many are revolving to them for more precise
and accurate outlook for their day day/week.
Indian horoscope is the only almighty tool which can answer your problems and offer you the appropriate and right direction of your life. Indian horoscope is strong enough in producing most accurate outlook to future and even for giving correct answers to your problems of life.

Astrology Compatibility - an amazing idea to consider

Astrology compatibility is an amazing idea to consider. It may appear strange to think that you date of birth can impinge your personality, as well as growing environment, but many people believe that there is much truth in it. Some people, be sure to discover other people early sign of the star to see if they will be compatible with them. Many people still confer their astrology before heading out the door in the morning, either online or in newspapers. In the past, most only have access to the sun sign horoscope readings, which may or may not execute to them on a particular day.Astrology is one of the very oldest Indian practices and the world still has real importance and significance to the present. This is one technology that can predict today, tomorrow and the past provides a clear and sharp images. Well it depends on you now if you believe in predictions made by ancient science that has affected the great men and our grandparents and past generations. For any science that has affected every one with a remarkable prediction, which is most often practiced during the marriage ceremony, during childbirth, when opening a new business or at any time if things are not going as well in the life of the people.
It has been repeatedly shown that Indian Horoscopes records the position and movement of the planets of astrology as accurate. Indian horoscope is based on very specific details such as birth date, birth time birth year and birth place. All 4 details used as basic information for making the calculation of horoscope readings. Indian Horoscopes, also known as Vedic astrology is one of the many accurate tools of creating conjecture. Indian horoscope consonance is also a need for some other Western methods are known, China and Greece. Accuracy for one minute is a basic characteristic by Indian astrologers and this feature is certainly a difference between other systems.Not only ordinary people believe or do not want to know what the future for them, but celebrities, celebrities and people who have gained great achievements in his life, having the help of predictions and astrology. Well, if you want to know about what the future for you, read
astrology or zodiac sign matches will help a lot. Taking the help of Indian astrologers is known and some sites also offer online horoscope readings astrology compatibility moon sign or minimum charges for their services. You can get a horoscope reading, quarterly or even every year from the leading site owners on astrology. The Casting and Calculation are based on an entirely different method which makes it more
accurate. However, always need an astrologer to perfect as possible. To get predictable through Indian horoscope, should take the help of Vedic astrologers.
Indian horoscope is strong enough to produce the most accurate prediction of future, or even to give an adequate answer to the problems you suffering from. Nevertheless, you always need the services of expert Indian astrologers to the get closet possible determination for your future, past or present.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Online horoscope Readings

Astrology is a powerful tool to know fortune in advance and could be mould future as one wants to make it according to one's desires taking help of astrology. Online horoscope readings done by astrologers from any part of world through telephonic or chatting process on internet. Online horoscope reading is the very popular resources to get instant horoscope readings by best astrologers of world. Astrology is a science in a true sense but not a fiction. According to some, the formulae enunciated by Indian online astrologers if applied to individual horoscope charts would indicate events which are sure to comepass.Other view Indian astrology as a science of tendencies. Long experience leads one to believe that the latter view about Indian astrology is more valid than any other source of occult sciences. The world is inhabited by countless human beings and we moreover can not say even by guess how many millions of years this earth has been inhabited by human beings before we came into existence and for how many millions of years the earth will continue to have human beings in future. We but know that no two human beings are identical. The birth of the science of astrology is the outcome of the eternal question. Astrology on the basis of Indian horoscope has been founded and a cardinal principle of the science was elicited. It is this principle which online astrologers propose to discuss to enable followers to have adequate understandings of their better halves to ensure success, marry by the effects of cosmic effects by stars.
Astrology explains accurately about every aspects of life and successfully forecasts the success and failure, prosperity and adversity. Indian astrology and the rules and formulae have been practised by Indian Online astrologers to make accurate predictions. If anyone from any part of world wants to discuss their problems and need permanent solutions of persisting problems, they utilize the resources of online horoscope readings to consult online astrologers. We online astrologers from India provide the detail horoscope readings online. If you want to know about online horoscope readings or online horoscope matching. Contact us for online horoscope, online horoscope compatibility, free online horoscope compatibility, online horoscope readings.

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Vaastu Services

Vastu is one of the most ancient sciences of architecture to create balance between the environment and your dwelling place. We have a panel of expert astrologers to answer your queries related to your house and office architecture. We help you correct you direction and increase the flow of positive energy and diminish the negative energy in your place of dwelling.Vaastu is a most uncommon term. Only few people aware of its importance and very few people have sufficient knowledge of vaastu, to enable them to practice Vastu with confidence. Although Vastu principles are simple but very few people have access to reliable vaastu norms. Application of vaastu norms only, for construction of houses, buildings, factories, workshops or business complex without simultaneously applying astrological norms, does not give desired results.
Vedas, Puranas and Upanishads are well known ancient documents of Indians. Astrology supplements all these ancient documents and is considered as an eye of Vedas. Applied branch of astrology also deals with vaastu shastra-a science dealing with construction of houses, buildings and other structures.Vastu deals with different aspects of house and buildings construction in such a way that the house or building in question is most favourable and lucky for the owner of the building or its occupants. In case the norms and important principles of vaastu are also applied and digbal (directional strengths) are properly applied, the building becomes very lucky and benefic for all concerned persons. This is possible in spite of some malefic combination existing in the natal chart of the owner. Such evil combination in the horoscope becomes powerless. The norms prescribed in Vastu, if accurately applied, ensure desired results and fulfillment of all desires pertaining to house or building constructions. The vaastu ensures prosperity,peace,good luck,safety,happiness,good health,comforts,satisfaction,improve reputation, growth of family, long life of owner, birth of healthy child, improve social and financial status and courage to the owner and other members of the family. In addition, vaastu ensures good longevity to the house or building in question. It also ensures completion of house or building construction without any obstruction, delay, damage, setback or objection by local administration ensures peace of mind and happiness.
I am VAASTU expert in Delhi and have been provided by vaastu services for Delhi and its surrounding areas for last 15 of years and guided many politicians, bureaucrats, businessmen, builders and individuals to lead their lives successfully. I usually visit Mumbai, Kolkata and other parts of country for consultancy of vaastu services. If you are celebrities, film stars, politicians, businessman and want to lead your life successfully with the help of horoscope readings, numerology services and Vastu services then do consult me, I will guide you positively to ensure good career growth, business growth, name and fame and any other issues and to sort out your problems.
Vaastu services
Vaastu experts Delhi
Vastu consultants Delhi

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Vedic Astrology-understanding the starry worth of tantra, mantra and yantra!

Has it ever struck you why some days go bad and some days very good? Have you ever wondered why some people wear huge colored gemstones, do rituals on particular days and also fast for a particular number of Tuesdays or Saturdays? When you wear some colors you are negative and some colors bring forth good vibrations. Have you tried to find out which are your best days and best number and colors? Well you are not the only one. There are millions of people out there in the world who are always in search of the right person who will give guidance. Vedic astrology has been guiding generations of people in India. And now that the internet has made it more convenient its online services are bringing fortunes to those who have put up such websites. Its starry worth is now known worldwide. They are able to match the cyberspace with the spatial universe above us. From the time it has emerged in 3rd century BC, it has been called by its Indian name ‘Jyotish Vidya’. Vedic astrology has been making the destiny of many known and not so well known people.
Here is what you should know about it if you ever wish to consult Indian astrologers. Our lives are eternally linked with the stars above us. That is why when an astrologer is approached he asks the birth day and time and makes calculations-of the constellation of stars in the sky when you were born. This gives an idea of the blue print of the sky and the movement of stars. With the calculations the astrologer is able to get an idea of how the planets have affected the life so far and what can happen in future. There is actually no ambiguity. The problem usually arises when a person is unable to give the correct time of birth- Because today the focus is on safe delivery, Cesarean section and other ways to induce labor. Sometimes the baby arrives in an unnatural manner. What happens is that the time of birth is then relegated to the back and delivery is counted in many ways-either when the baby gives the first cry, or when its head pops out. Or is the right time when the baby is conceived. Some questions are truly enigmatic. To use Vedic astrology in its right perspective approach to the right astrologer is essential. With many astrological sites available one can browse before deciding what is appropriate. Then the trilogy of mantra (chant), tantra (rituals) and yantra (subduing of malefic planets) are able to work in tandem.

Indian Astrology-Immortal through space and time

In ancient India records of birth and death were calculated to the very nanosecond and astrologers hit the bull’s eye each time. Today with globalization the sun, moon and the stars are still playing their important role in predictive sciences like astrology. Indian astrology is an amalgamation of astro physics, psychic abilities, star power and accurate details given by a client. All this is required for a prediction to come to its reasonable conclusion. Perhaps in comparison to other predictive methods of knowing the future, this method has success because it takes into consideration many factors before any foretelling is done. It has been a serious business and now with it has also kept pace with the new age. It has become technology savvy and survived. It has become immortal through space and time.
Indian astrology has entered the cyberspace like many other foretelling arts and science. Online software, consultations and a host of other services like havans, annual personal prediction, career graphs, advisories on wearing gemstones, potent marriage dates can be availed online. With the aid of the computers Indian astrology has become more accurate as horoscopes can be cast and delivered online. This age old science has adapted itself to the future without compromising on its actual techniques and details of foretelling. The astrologers still use the six branches. These include the Gola, which is a positional astronomy, the Ganita, a mathematical calculations to find the Gola, the Jataka, which is the natal astrology, the Prasna, the Muhurta, which is the auspicious time to start anything and the Nimitta which are the omens and portents. Horoscope, gemstones, vedic charts, vastu shastra are used to make more accurate predictions.
Many known astrologers have websites that provide online services to help customers. One can get absolute privacy in matters relating to the heart, finances with reasonable consultancy packages. Customers can get remedies for all problems to make their lives happier. The emergence of Indian astrology in the corporate sector has helped businessmen, CEOs and many executives to take corrective measures. Sometimes it becomes essential to contact the astrologers personally. All information is mentioned on the website. It is hard to ignore the popularity of this predictive science. The very fact that it has adapted itself to make it relevant in this century and also the coming ones shows, there is immense faith in its calculations. This is one of the main reasons it is acceptable universally and brings under its large umbrella a host of other smaller off-shoots. Maybe it’s time to make click that celestial mouse and remove the obstacles with a remedy.

Indian Horoscope-destiny’s best advisory

Some people are so attached to their astrologer’s advice that they do not even sign important documents till the auspicious hour does not strike. Like the general physician who is like a family member, the astrologer is an important advisor to state of affairs for many families. The knowledge of Indian horoscope has been well known in the sub-continent for long. For the use of Indian horoscope in the right perspective, most experienced astrologers depend on the planetary movements to make their calculations. To make an Indian horoscope the birth date, time in terms of longitude, latitude, place of birth is important. Although the planets do not affect any one on their own, the orbiting and their transition in conjunction with others makes all the difference. When they move in a certain manner, they affect the souls down below, i.e us human beings. So if Saturn is around expect difficulties and discipline to occur. It could be for 2 ½ years, 7 years, 14 years or 30 years! That is the power of Saturn. Saturn has the power to make a person lame, paralyzed and also has the ability to create accidents of different nature. When a person is besieged with problems of finance, family problems and also has lost hope, maybe Saturn is the culprit in the person’s horoscope. Remedies are given to appease the Lord Saturn by way of some rituals.
Making an Indian horoscope does not mean one needs to be born in India or in the Asian sub-continent only. As long as one is able to furnish the details of the birth, place and right time an astrologer can make fairly good predictions. Another wonderful aspect of the Indian horoscope is that it gives free will a chance to defy destiny. Thus if there is a problem that appears in the birth chart of a person, there is a chance to use free will to make changes too. Obviously one cannot defy destiny but its course can always be changed with the help if the birth chart. Having a birth chart or a horoscope made is valuable for all human beings. In fact even animal astrology is well known. Even pets have horoscopes made via calculations. It is really amazing how one can take corrective measures. So if one can visit the medical practitioner for a physical problem then why not visit the astrologer to improve destiny and various aspects of your life. It is worth a try and time will tell if all is well.

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Online Yagya Services

Yagya is a Vedic worship performed to appease the God. Yagya is a very useful in making the life more progressive. Yagya also improves the quality of life. It is a Vedic ritual that diffuses negative energies and brings into play the divine supports. It is performed to invoke gods and seek their blessings and favours to express joy and smooth the progress of important achievements in life. Yagya is performed by Vedic pundits (Priests) intending to work with karmas.

In ancient Indian Rishis and seers evolved various ways of Yagyas. In Yajurveda and Rig Veda thousands of experienced ways of Yagyas have been described for different uses that have established to be correct. Yagyas should be performed with devotion, dedication, and determination. Amid the chanting of specific Mantras by Vedic priests, a holy fire is lighted around which it is performed. Persons from all nationalities, religions, caste or creed may seek help to perform these Yagnas and mantras for their benefit.
Yagyas are performed for various purposes. Yagya could be performed for prosperity, happiness and health. It is also believed to cure diseases, destroy enemies, seeking divine hand for resolving problems, everyday jobs that seem unattainable can be soften or solved by Yagya services. This is a unique Vedic practice that can provide support in all fields and problems in every way. Through Yagya as it has been described in ancient Vedic scriptures, one can look forward to all round progress and achievements in life. Therefore, Yagyas are regarded as standard remedial measures, which can protect against all harmful influence of planets and solve any kind of problems.
Mantras chanted by our Vedic priests have been described in Vedic Scriptures to fulfill wishes and desires of devotee. Vedic Mantras are recited as a part of Yagya ceremony, after that one fire Yagna is carried out to appease goddess and seek their blessings and support for a peaceful and successful life. In the process of performing Yagya, lots of ingredients like pure ghee and different types of purifying herbal things are used to get rid of impurities in the surroundings.
Devotee’s name, his/her problems/knowledge is required for performing Yagna. Devotees can convey their righteous desires to the priest and Vedic scholars who pass the problem to the Almighty through the chanting of Mantras related to problems. The Yagya is performed on behalf of the devotees. Devotees could become benefited, resulting in prosperous, contented and joyful life. Yagyas have no side effects rather they help in getting rid of impurities in the surroundings and purifying the atmosphere and diffuses negative energies. Yagyas are performed to achieve positive results.
We perform all kinds of vedic Yagyas as per the requirement of the devotee. A Yagya can take Seven, Fifteen or Twenty One days, it mainly depends on recitation numbers of any particular Mantra. Generally it depends on the nature of Yagya.
We have special arrangements for performing remedial Yagyas following proper rituals and methods as laid down in the Vedas.

If you want to conduct yagya by our vedic indian priests then do contact us for yagya services.We are one of the leading Organization to conduct genuine yagya as per guidance of vedas and it works like panacea to sorth out any problems of life.Experience the true essence of vedic mantras conducting yagya.We perform yagya for individual,group,stata,countries for their welfare and to make them progressive.If anyone condemn the yagyas and who does not have faith in yagyas,Mantras.We invite them humbly that just contact us and we will show them positive result through yagya and we will make them realized the power of Yagya.
whatever problems are in your life do perform Yagya by qualified and experienced priests you will certainly be benefitted,undoubtedly.

Inquery for Yagya services:

You can get the Yagya performed by our priests from any country in the world.If you want to get participated in our Yagya Programme,we welcome you to come and participate in our yagya and get to know the divine process and practices of Indian priests.We can arrange video and snaps of your yagya programme if you want to get for future memory.

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Astrologers in Dubai

Astrology is a predictive science as well as an art of predictions. It is divine in nature and hence known as science and immense skills are required to predict the events of the past, present and future hence it is an art. Who predict about past, present and future according to planetary effects is called as an astrologer or an astrologist.
If you are in search of an astrologer who can predict every aspects of your life and can guide you to sort out your problems,no doubt we astrologers can guide you to lead your life successfully and to sort out your problems we can suggest effective remedial solutions which will work you undoubtedly.
If you reside in Dubai,Iran ,United Arab Emirates,Oman,Bahrain,Qatar,Saudi Arabia and Kuwait then can utilize our astrology services in UAE through telephone horoscope readings and can lead your life very happily.
Good and accurate astrologers in Dubai through telephone can guide you in a best way to sort out problems.

Astrology services in Canada,USA

Astrology is the study of stars, Planets and their effects on human beings. Astrology is the message of stars and planetary positions at the time of birth. Astrology is a perfect science seems to have developed over the centuries on the basis of observations and statistical analysis, accompanying speculations and extra-sensory perceptions. Astrology studies the relationship between the changing sky and our fate, world events. There is a cosmic dance on the grand scale and one the intimate scale, going on for each of us. Astrology is the study of this astrological chart, as well as the prediction for future based on how other astrological phenomena might influence the astrology readings. The interpretation of horoscope chart is also a large part of the art of astrology, and is necessary for accurate predictions.
So, astrology is considered the best way to know one’s past, present and future accurately. To interpret astrology predictions astrologers should have sound knowledge about planets, their positions, their nature, and their relations to each other then only professional astrologers can predict accurately about one’s life.If you are suffering with any problems in life and not getting proper solutions of problems then our astrology services can provide you better guidance that how to overcome your problems.We have most qualified and best astrologers who will guide you properly to ward off your problems thorugh horoscope readings or astrology services.If you reside in Canada and USA then utilize our accurate astrology services in Canada THROUGH telephonic astrology services.Here you will get accurate astrology services by best vedic astrologers to sorth out problems and to lead happier life.

Astrologers in UAE,Dubai-If you are facing problems in life and not getting proper solutions of your problems then must utilize our astrology services to make your life happier and prosperous through our accurate astrology services.Here you will get many professional and most trusted astrologers of decades to talk directly over phone to sort out problems like career ,business,love,relationship,marriage,marriage problems,progeny matters,foreign travels and its prospects.Never be on cross roads on decisions get proper solutions by best astrologers through astrology services or horoscope readings.

Horoscope Services

The horoscope of a person is a stimulation of the total life pattern of the individual. It recognizes the fact that each human being consists of body, mind and soul which are unique for each individual i.e. each person has his/her own personal consciousness entrenched in his/her body. The horoscope has therefore to reflect the quality and quantum of energy that has been apportioned to the incarnated soul. The interplay of body, mind and soul sets the place for the development of the native’s life pattern. In other words, the accurate horoscope has to be a true portrait of the native that should clearly reveal all facets of his/her life i.e. his individuality,personality,temperament,stage of health,longitivity,name and fame,virtues,capacity to face struggles of life,social,financial,marital,educational and the professional status. It is therefore, imperative that astrologers need to analyze the horoscope with full potential to predict every aspects of life accurately. Astrologers need to follow Indian astrology and its true manner to bring out accurate predictions. There are sixteen types of divisional charts are prepared by astrologers and are analyzed carefully with Dasha systems, transition, progression of planetary effects to predict accurately. There are many so called world famous astrologers and celebrity astrologers are providing their horoscope services not only indian astrologers even western astrologers also, to predict aspects of life accurately. Some are truly high learned and scholars and promoting horoscope services in true sense. They don’t need popularity, popularity, it comes to them very easily, because of they are not money minded and they are truly serving the humanity and promoting astrology and horoscope services worldwide. But nowadays many cases are sprouting in our society about astrology and astrologers who are defaming the name of astrology.
We astrologers at provide accurate horoscope services to world successfully for last ten years.
Whether you reside in USA, UK, AUSTRALIA, CANADA, FRANCE, JAPAN, SOUTH AFRICA, and GERMANY and in any parts of the world you can avail our horoscope services through telephonic consultation directly talking to our astrologers in India. I can assure you that you never be misguided and you will get full confidence and satisfaction after utilization of our horoscope services. We want you to reach the top and get fulfilled your desires by utilization of our horoscope services. We want to contribute our efforts through horoscope services to make people of world happier,prosperous,and tension free.Whatver your problems are there, we can assure that you can minimize your agony, tensions and miseries and can make your life more prosperous, happier and jovial availing our horoscope services. We astrologers always suggest effective remedial solutions which will work for you and will give results within time frame. If you are residing in USA and want to avail our horoscope services, you can too get our services through telephonic horoscope services in USA and sort out any problems consulting our most trusted and reliable famous astrologers. We have been providing our horoscope services in UK for decades and our many friends have changed their lives positively and fulfilled their dreams through guidance of our panel best and top astrologers in India. Our astrology services in AUSTRALIA is also very reliable and we have guided masses through astrology. If one of them you want to experience our horoscope services in CANADA, you are most welcome ,and can try us and differentiate us that how our horoscope services guide you step by step and make a positive change in your life thoroughly.

Astrology Services Delhi

Astrology is an accurate predictive tool which can foretell about every moments and happenings of life successfully. We astrologers at provide accurate personal astrology services in Delhi ,Gurgaon,Noida, Indian Astrology is a science based on a set of principles that analyze our past, defined our present and predict our future. Astrology can help us to understand the personality, as well as the personalities of our family, friends, co-workers and even boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse. It is the study of planets and stars and their influences on our mind, body and Soul.
An astrologer can analyze any horoscope and prescribes the Astrology remedies, which helps us strike the right balance and lead to harmony in life.
A horoscope usually plots the moment of birth and is used by astrologers to analyze character, as well as - in conjunction with other astrological data - to predict the future. If you are residing in Delhi and its surrounding area and facing problems in business, career, marriage, progeny matters and not finding proper solution of your problems then must meet our Vedic astrologers for personal astrology services. We astrologers will guide you properly to sort out your problems and provide you accurate astrology services. We astrologers suggest effective astrology remedial measures to sort out your problems.

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Avail our accurate astrology services through personal consultancy(face to face) directly talking to astrologers in Delhi.

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Marriage horoscope

Marriage is one of the most important and sacred occasions in life. Marriage can enhance social status and has an important role in Hindu custom for repaying your forefathers through your children. Therefore, selecting a mate based on marriage compatibility is essential to the individual and society. Indian astrology provides details about astrology matching that can be used for horoscope matchmaking prior to marriage and to help with marital issues later.

Astrology matching provides details about compatibility, sexual compatibility, the love horoscope of the couple, charms and divorce and other issues related to marital relationships. Your Vedic horoscope can be used to evaluate the past, present and future outlook of your marriage and details to help individuals with decision making regarding marriage. Indian astrology can provide effective remedial solutions to help you to make your problems vanish.
Our marriage horoscope report addresses a wide range of issues about your married life that can be used for horoscope matchmaking and to better understand your current marriage. Through horoscope matching and your love horoscope, you will learn the most favorable period of marriage, how married life would be with your partner, the chances of separation, divorce or remarriage, infidelity and many other issues.

If you are interested in the future, planning a marriage, explore your compatibility through our horoscope matching. If you are already are married and experiencing problems, you can benefit from the ancient wisdom of Indian astrology to deepen your relationship through your Vedic horoscope. Fill out the form with all the requested information to request your marriage horoscope.

Progeny horoscope Readings

Progeny horoscope is the very important horoscope where astrologers predict the future of Progeny.Progeny prospect is predicted by astrologers seeing the planetary positions and their corrolation in the chart of male and female.It is the most elating moment for a family when a child takes birth. Children bring lot of hope and dreams for the parents. With the birth of the child, parents start realizing the responsibilities they have towards the child and the society. Birth of a child in any family is considered very necessary for the continuity of family tree. According to the Hindu customs it is believed that the eldest son of a man performs the final rites of his parents after their death so that their soul may rest in peace and get Mukti (Salvation). This ritual too makes a child’s birth in the family a prime necessity.

Through newborns family anticipates that the heritage and traditions of the family could sustain generation after generation. And parents and elders of the family do everything possible to pass correct family values to the newborns, hoping that they will carry them to their next generation. A child also brings joy and happiness to a family and sense of fulfillment that no other thing in this world can bring. Hence for these reasons, childbirth is an inevitable necessity in any family and for any married couple.
Couples with child are always under the scrutiny of the society. People starts making stories on childless couples; bringing more stress and strain to them. The result is life becomes hell for the childless couples. But there could be many reasons behind couple’s childlessness. As it is said everything is predestined, even childbirth is predestined. Your progeny horoscope report can explain everything regarding the childbirth time, period and many more related things. There could be so many astrological factors and planetary afflictions for the reason of which one is not blessed with a biological child. Progeny horoscope readings help to find out the chances and exact time of childbirth. Get a complete review of your horoscope for an instant result. Find us online as Progeny horoscope, Progeny astrology and Progeny horoscope readings.

This Report Covers -

- Period of Child birth?
- Number of Child?
- Favorable pregnancy period according to your horoscope chart.
- Any miss carriages, abortions and stillbirths?
- Any Childlessness?
- If any astrological signs for twin birth?
- what will be the general happiness of the family after birth of a child?
- Relations with parents of that particular child?
- Powerful remedy to get healthy and talented child.
Customercare Number for astrology services:09911449149

Monday, March 14, 2011

Venus and Astrology

The Venus is the brightest object in the sky after the SUN; Venus stays close to its solar companion, never staying more than 48 degrees. Approaching closer to earth than any other planet (with the exception of the Moon), Venus represents one of the most obvious drives behind human behaviour: the need for relationship. The position of Venus in a chart indicates capacity for closeness and intimacy with others and for relationship with oneself. The potential for self-esteem, this planet is a reminder that someone who can not love and value his or her own self is unable to give and receive love or share affection or inter into intimacy.
Venus is considered a sociable planet in astrology, symbolizing the need to meet oneself through external relationship. With Venus in a compatible sign, especially with easy aspects, relationship flow freely and easily. Venus in an incompatible sign can point to a surface coolness or to transient relationships that mask a deep fear of intimacy. Venus personifies desire-for emotional satisfaction, for all that is beautiful, aesthetic and valuable, for money in the bank. Venus serves as a reminder that what is valued externally is a refelection of what is most loved within oneself and what is attracted may be what is most feared. VENUS Position in the chart indicates what someone values and whether they believe they are worth loving and whether they deserve happiness. This planet also reveals the type of person with whom there is natural attraction and harmony. This may be lover or a friend, but the most Venus-attuned friendships have something sexual and erotic at their heart, even if it is not acted upon.
In a Man’s horoscope chart, the position of Venus indicates what he is attracted to in a partner, the qualities he seeks, what turns him on and what he desires. Venus is his enima and his ideal woman-an idealized picture of the feminine which may turn sour. Closely bound up with her sense of self and her own feminity in a woman’s chart, sensuous Venus indicates how a woman presents herself to the world, the body language she uses to express her feminity.What she values in herself and how comfortable she feels with herself as a female .It is the need to look good. In both Men and Women, Venus is sensuality, the capacity to enjoy gratification of the senses and to indulge the body. It is the urge to be glamorous, voluptuous, hedonistic, erotic, cosy, comforting, lustful or frigid, according to its sign.
A Venus-attuned person has a pleasing appearance and charming manner. Overtly or covertly, seductive Venus imparts a magnetic sexuality that is hard to resist. On the surface, this pleasure attuned planet puts out the message ‘Come and get me’; whether that message is blatant or subtle depends on the sign in which venus is placed in horoscope. Beneath that superficial attractiveness, Venus is dark and erotic, possessing a compulsive drive that can manipulate mercilessly or even kill to obtain what it desires. The side of Venus that emerges is in part governed by outer planet aspects, but it is possible for the planet’s dual nature to emerge at anytime.Traditionally, when venus is well placed, the disposition is charming, equable, qiet and placid, but easily aroused to jealosy.When Venus is poorly placed in horoscope, the disposition is shameless, lascivious and profligate.Hence, Venus plays important role in astrology to make our life comfortable and happier.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Assessing Love Marriage in astrology

Indian astrology has many true factors which describe much about Love and Marriage in the horoscope. The word ‘love’ has a very wider meaning than what it apparently appears when coined with word ‘Marriage. There is a dictum ‘Love is God’, ‘God is love’. In every religion love is extolled as a secret motive. Love generates compassion and vice versa. Love and compassion are twin sisters. Apart from widows/widowers marrying, there are instances in which unmarried girls marrying widowers and vice versa. What else other than love/compassion bring in this marriages.Consideration,money/position/status? Very seldom. The word ‘Marriage’ is also equally sacred. The time old adage ‘Marriages are made in heaven’ is well known and it is well meant in its import.
The literal meaning of the word ‘Marriage’ is ‘unity is wedlock; coupling each other’. A pump and motor married/coupled each other bring in their utility. A pump without prime mover (motor) does not come to its utility and, so also a motor as prime mover is of no utility unless it is married/coupled. A lock and key are inseparable. Lord Shiva and Goddess Gauri are inseparable. So we pray to God supreme Ardhanarishawara.Outside the view of astrology, we say love is blind. Love is not blind but lovers become blind to the realities of future. When the question of love marriage arises, the lovers hardly think about the compatibility. Some say that when two minds join all other considerations are irrelevant. Agree, but does the attraction of minds always sustain thick and thin? We see that financial, social, environmental factors contribute to love marriage. Whatever may be circumstances, astrology gives clues of love marriage. The lord of lady of love wields supreme authority. In Hindu scriptures, it has mentioned that ‘KANDARPA/KAAMDEVA’ is the lord of love.KAAMA word literally means desire, likes, affection, desire, and love etc.Our in various degrees. These vary from person to person, person towards person; Mother, father, daughter, son, sister, brother, friend, co-worker etc.
This comes the karma theory. We meet each other, because we have met, and sure enough, God willing, we will meet again. Please see Geeta .When Lord Shri Krishna said that he had propounded yogas to VIVASWAN(Surya),VIVASWAN to Manu , and Manu to EKSHWAKU but due to paucity of time ,the effects had been lost in the world.Arjuna had a doubt, as to while Shree Krishna’ birth was later than Surya’,how could he impart yogas to Surya.On prayer by Arjuna to enlighten him on the problem, the Lord said that he had taken many births and so also Arjuna but Arjuna but Arjuna did not know that. In the matter of a boy meeting a girl and falling in love it is worth remembering the theory of punarjanma.Astrology also indicate punarjanmabandha.Hence if a boy and a girl fall in love, it can be due to punarmajanmabandha also. However it may be stated that even if the birth charts of a boy and girl in love, punarjanmabandha is indicated, the love marriage need not necessarily take place in the birth itself, unless the birth charts compare favorably for marriage. Another school of though in this context will be as to why such an evolutions. Our sacred bhagwat gives many stories of past and future births and things had been moulded favourably.Chapter fourteen of JAATAKADESHA is devoted for analysis of the compatibility of a girl and a boy in wedlock. Out of the various aspects coming up for consideration,Rajju and vedha are of utmost importance.Rajju dosha point out ‘Naasha’(Downfall) of one of the partners, unless there are good yogas to off-set.Vedha dosha also indicate naasha for one of the partners causing various miseries and even threat to longevity of life. If there are good yogas in horoscope, then the degree of sufferings/miseries may be minimized. When astrologers match the horoscopes of girls and boys for marriage, importance is also given to VASHYA .Vashya in simple language means attraction. The attraction should be in calm and strong, there should be happiness and peace, and attraction should not be restricted to physical features etc.
Causative lord of mind is Moon.5th house in a horoscope inter relates to mind. Causative lord for Marriage is Venus.7th house in a horoscope inter relates to marriage, spouse, love, harmony, genitals.Venus rules sex.Venus relates taste and is erotic.
Saturn is causative lord for touch/feeling. Saturn is the significator of servants/servitude. When Moon, Venus and Saturn get connected, the broad(broadly speaking, because mercury and Jupiter also involved the result of link of moon, Venus and Saturn may get modified if not completely nullified, indication is that the party is prone to love marriage. Astrologers should give importance of causations. Astrology clearly indicates marriage and love conditions in life.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Rahukaal,Rahu Kaalam

Rahukaalam the period of Rahu is a certain amount of time every day that is considered inauspicious for any new venture according to Indian astrology. Rahu Kala is one of the 8 segments of the day and considered inauspicious period in Indian astrology. Rahu Kalam or Rahu-kaal comes daily, but it has been seen that it is not observed in northern India, though it is carefully monitored in southern India. This is how the practice and convention have come to say. . The segments are calculated by taking the total time between sunrise and sunset, at a given place, and then dividing this time duration by 8. Astronomically in the Hindu Panchangas, the ever varying planetary configurations mean that the auspicious hours during each day will not always fall at the same moment of time. Rahukaalam and Yama Ghantam are the two time periods which are especially considered inauspicious or unlucky to start any new venture.
In all Muhurthas (auspicious time for particular functions), Rahu kaal is, by and large avoided for any auspicious work.Apparantly everybody wants to escape the unfortunate happenings, whether during the functions or even thereafter. Auspicious time selected goes a long way in conferring the needed happiness and prosperity.Muhurtha or the selection of auspicious moment can neutralize to a certain extent the afflictions existing at the specific time(meant for an event) or at the time of a prasna query. In other words, it is stated that if marital happiness is not depicted in the birth chart, the Muhurtha may not be in a position to confer on the native expected marital harmony, but it would definitely reduce the sources of friction to a great extent. Apart from selection of tithi (date), Vara (day), Nakshatra (constellation), Yoga and Karna, the selection of a particular moment is important. One method of selections of auspicious Muhurtha is with reference to the Hora of the day (each day is divided into 24 horas) and the other is with reference to the rising ascendent.In between the selection of auspicious time, comes the Rahu kaal, which is normally advised to be avoided.Rahu kaal is determined with reference to the time of Sunrise say around 06:00 A.M. Rahu-kaal would be ruling the following hours of the day. Hence it is considered inauspicious to begin any undertaking during this "Rahukaalam". Every day this Rahukaalam lasts for around 90 minutes, but the duration differs according to the length of the time between sunrises and sunset.
Although the time Rahukaalam falls on each day, and its span varies and needs to be calculated as per the sunrise and sunset time. You may use the times below if you do not have access to accurate Rahu kaal. These times are accurate only if the day lasts for 12 hours, and the sunrise is at 6.00 AM. You can adjust an approximation according to the sunrise and day length in your area.
Monday : 7:30 - 9:00
Saturday : 9:00 - 10:30
Friday : 10:30 - 12:00
Wednesday : 12:00 - 13:30
Thursday : 13:30 - 15:00
Tuesday : 15:00 - 16:30
Sunday : 16:30- 18:00

Ashtakvarga and horoscope Readings

Ashtakvarga Plays very important role for horoscope readings.Ashtakvarga means eight sources of energy. Apart from other sources of Prediction, this is also one of the oldest systems to judge a horoscope at a glance by observing the benefic points or Bindus of ‘Sarvashtakvarga’ in each house of horoscope. This is still prevalent in the southern states of India but in north India it is used only by experienced and famous astrologers and research scholars. As manual calculations of Ashtakvarga are quite cumbersome and time consuming, astrologers did not use it in the past also but with the advent of computers, it can be easily prepared by any astrologers. It is based on the principle of transit where each planet gives its good effects at certain places with reference to the position of natal Moon in the horoscope. For example in transit Sun gives good effects at 3,6 and 11th Place from the position of natal Moon but in Ashtakvarga the effects of seven planets from Sun to Saturn and also the ascendant are examined collectively. Each planet in horoscope gives its benefic effect known as benefic dots from its own place in transit and also with reference to other planets and the ascendant. The position of Rahu and Ketu are taken into account in Ashtakvarga which in itself is a very wide subject and has various techniques of horoscope readings. For example, for close timing of any event, it can be determined through the ‘Kakshya’ principle. The most commonly used method is the ‘sarvastkvarga’.By looking at this number of benefic points in any house in the ‘Sarvashtakvarga’,one can give prediction at a glance which is also known as snapshot method of prediction. An important principle here is that the strength of a planet is judged by the number of Dots it has in the house where it is posited rather than the house it rules.Similarly,the houses with less than average number of dots are considered weak with respect to their significations.
There are total 337 dots comprising of all the twelve signs/houses in ‘Sarvashtakvarga’.According to another school of thought, there are 386 dots in ‘Sarvashtakvarga’ but the system of 337 dots is generally used and found more accurate. If the dots are more than 30 in a house of horoscope or a planet has more than 30 as maximum dots their significances are supposed to fructify well but it the dots are minimum or less than average, the tend to give bad results. For example if a native is passing through his ‘Sadhesaati’ and has 35, 36, and 39 benefic points in the twelve house, first and second house in his horoscope, the native needs to be careful in his behavior and dealings with other people as he may have some difficulties.Sadhesaati starts when Saturn enters the sign preceding the natal Moon sign and remains till it crosses the second house from the natal Moon.
Ashtakvarga principles can also be applied for determination of time of Marriage, birth of Children, matching of horoscopes for Marriage and for Muhurtha for various activities and functions. If astrologer applies Ashtakvarga to predict happenings of life then his/her prediction will never go in wrong directions and can predict accurately.

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Predicting Marriage through Indian astrology

Hunger and thirst are the primordial and most powerful urges of Man and Woman, having their sway from the moment a child or baby is born, till the old man and woman dies. Next only to those instinctive urges is the sex urges, of a male from his adolescence till even 60 or 65,or of a female from her attaining maturity till she attains menopause, when maturation ceases, and so the woman may cease to think of sex or desire the sex act.And,human ingenuity devised the institution of Marriage, by yoking a man and a woman in wedlock, for mating and begetting progeny, lest promiscuous union of persons lead to social complications and strife,due,for instance, to more than one man coveting a woman or what is rather rarer, more than one woman coveting a man. Just as a ridge demarcate A’s land fromB’s,even so the tail or mangalya,worn round the neck of a woman, is an indication that she has been married and none need case a covetous glance at her.
A Frenchman defined marriage as “an incomparable mutual friendship embellished by a unique mutual possession”. Good friends share the weal and woes of each other; and a sincere friend in need will never forsake his friend. Marriage being a life long friendship between two members of opposite sexes is faster and stronger, on account of the sexual intimacy between the spouses for their mutual satisfaction.
Birth, Marriage and death are the most important events in life on which astrologers are consulted. Even those who do not believe in astrology are seen seeking the advice of best astrologers in regard to marriage compatibility and electional astrology at the time of Marriage of their daughters and sons eve today. Marriage amongst Hindus was a sacrament in ancient days. It is a matter of pride for Indians that marriage is still considered to be a life long sacramental union of Man and woman, rather than a sort of civil contract based on the conjugal necessity. The astrologers first examine the horoscope to see whether the native will have marriage, and if so, when it will take place. The first point of consideration is the longevity of the person concerned. The astrologer advises the native that he or she should not into matrimonial alliances if there are indications for a short life in his or horoscope. If both male and female proposed to be united in wedlock have got longevity according to their horoscopes, the astrologer compares the horoscopes and find out whether they are mutually agreeable. There are many astrological factors are also interpreted by astrologers like Kuja Dosha, Vish Kanya Yoga,Vaidhabya Dosha etc.Our predict marriage by astrologers using Indian astrology.

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Indian Horoscope Readings is a revered and highly credible predictive system to divulge the past, present and future of an individual. The accuracy of Indian horoscope readings and its long-establishment makes it a vital aspect of Indian society. Online Horoscope Readings has gained credibility across the globe and grown into a potent force to accurately know some human life events and aspects. Indian astrology gives precise results and predictions with the help of astrological reading or Indian horoscope readings.

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Astrology readings start with best horoscope readings and horoscope clearly symbolizes the configurations of the planets at the time of the individual born. With different date, time and place of birth, every individual tends to have different events to deal in the life.

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Pooja,Indian Pooja ,Online vedic Pooja

Pooja is a set of actions, often thought to have symbolic value, the performance of divine activities which is usually prescribed by a religion or by the traditions of a community. A Onle Pooja may be performed at regular intervals, or on specific occasions, or at the discretion of individuals or communities. It may be performed by a single individual or by a group, or by the entire community; in arbitrary places, or in places especially reserved for it; either in public, in private, or before specific people.
A ritual may be restricted to a certain subset of the community, and may enable or underscore the passage between religious or social states.

The purposes of rituals are varied; they include compliance with religious obligations or ideals, satisfaction of spiritual or emotional needs of the practitioners, strengthening of social bonds, demonstration of respect or submission, stating one's affiliation, obtaining social acceptance or approval for some event or sometimes, just for the pleasure of the ritual itself.

Rituals of various kinds are a feature of almost all known human societies, past or present.

They include not only the various worship rites and sacraments of organized religions and cults, but also the rites of passage of certain societies, oaths of allegiance, coronations, and presidential inaugurations, marriages and funerals, and more.

Due to their symbolic nature, there are hardly any limits to the kind of actions that may be incorporated in a ritual.

Worship of God through symbols and images, offering oblations into specially consecrated sacrificial fires, the practice of meditation at sunrise, noon and sunset,- these were some of the rituals obligatory on almost all the Hindus during the ancient days. Even to this day, these have been kept up, though in a modified form, and with lesser intensity.

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