Friday, May 18, 2012

Sudarshana Yagya

Shri Sudarshana Yagya is performed for protection and getting rid of black magic. Sudarshana Yagna is regarded as the best protection from all evils, dosha nivaran, troubles from enemies, black magic, evil eye, fear and persecution by evil sprits and health problems. This Yagya grants the protection of Lord Vishnu's Sudarshana Chakra. Pooja of Lord Vishnu is performed with Tulsi leaves. The Sudarshana refers to the Chakra (discus) of Lord Vishnu, weapon to repel and punish evil and it is constructed from the pure flame of the sun. It is a dynamic Yantra, and its construction represents a whirling wheel of sacred flame that keeps all negativity, illness, misfortune etc. at bay. Within the body of the Yantra are inscribed sacred bija mantras or seed syllables that have proven their efficacy as protective talismans. When worshipping this Yantra, the devotee visualizes himself being in the centre of this sacred circle of sun-fire, secure and protected from all harm and evil source that might befall him. Our services of astrologers can be availed from all parts of world like USA,UK,AUSTRALIA,CANADA etc.Find us best astrologers,astrology and accurate horoscope services in the world.
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