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Importance of houses in Indian astrology

Indian astrology plays very productive and beneficial role and consequently the interest of the common man in the study of the science of Vedic astrology. Indian Vedic astrology has grown enormously over the decades. Vedic Indian astrology implies is the result of the well researched work and deeper understanding of human behaviors by Indian Vedic seers as influenced by planetary changes and cosmic vibrations to provide useful and great information to the followers of the Indian Vedic astrology in important sectors of life.
Ancient Indian Vedic astrologers opine that the physical characteristics of a native would correspond to those of the planet owning the rising Navamsha or of the planet that is the strongest of all in the horoscope or birth chart. While applying these rules to horoscope, it is advisable to consider not one rule alone but all the relevant ones such as the planets posited in and aspecting the ascendant.Similarly,the complexion will correspond to that of the lord of the Moon’s Navamsha.Here too one must consider the ascendant and planets related to it. Many a time it is observed that despite other favourable factors, the native is found to be of dark complexion when the ascendant is occupied or aspected by Saturn without the aspect of other planets. The development of the various limbs beginning with the head must be gauged by the strength of the ascendant and other houses. If a particular house is occupied by a debilitated or eclipsed planet, then the limb signified by the house is likely to be adversely affected or diseased.
There are twelve houses are considered in the Indian Vedic astrology. The importance of the twelve houses of a horoscope or astrology has been explained below. 1sthouse:Personality,Personalphysique,body,life,complexion,soul,character,wisdom,habits,likes and dislikes, general disposition in life.
2nd house :Family,in-laws,finance,speech,tastes,prosperity,wealth,relation in father’s side and nices,speech and wisdom.
3rd house : Brother(Younger),sister(Younger),Prowess,courage,hand,throat,ears,father’s health,neighbours,servants,talents,valour,commendation for one’s noble qualities, longevity of Parents.
4th house : House,conveyance,education,mother,comforts,happiness,property,domestic bliss,mind,valuable assets.
5th house : Children,speculations,future luck, love affairs,romances,races,shares,wife’s elder brothers/sisters, father’s relations, elder sister’s husband,emotions,faith in God, creative talents, research type of activities, spiritual pursuits.
6th house : Debt,enemies,servants,wasteful expenses,health,types of diseases, maternal uncles,aunts,court cases.
7th house: Marital status, life partner, husband/wife, father’s elder brother/sister, detentions, death, business partnership.
8th house: Longevity, hidden matters, accidents, legacy, life insurance, lotteries, occult matters, recovery from illness, gains through spouse.
9th house: Previous birth (Past), state matters (govern matters), destiny matters, religious matters.
10th house: Profession (Karma), living, authority, trade, honour, position and prestige, nephew/niece from mother’s side, adopted children, Mother-in-law.
11th house: Elder brother and sister/daughter in law, gains from elders, friends, friends, freedom from misery.
12th house : Losses,expenditure,pleasures of bed,Moksha,foreign journey,charities,spiritual interests, sorrows and misfortunes,imprisonment,secret sorrows, left eye, feet.
According to method of Vedic astrology the planets in different signs and degrees have varied influences on the fortunes of the natives. The important terms used in Indian Vedic astrology are explained below.
An astrology planet placed in own house or quarter is termed as swakshetra.In this condition; the planet will bless fairly good results.
Horoscope chart shows the strengths and weaknesses of various planets in the twelve signs of the zodiac.
Thus houses have the main importance in predictive astrology and without knowing the exact truthfulness and utility of houses in Vedic astrology. Actually this is the basic terminology in Vedic astrology or Indian astrology while charting the houses according to birth time of a native.

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