Monday, June 27, 2011

Indian astrology and Western astrology

The astrological readings of old times were primarily inspired by the fact that the celestial events taking place in sky affect the people's life on the Earth. This relationship was further reinforced by the effect of the movements of celestial bodies. These beliefs served as a reason enough for early people to strive hard to increase his understanding of celestial movement. Jyotish is widely regarded as one of 6 limbs of the Vedas, Called "Vedangas". It may also imply 6 sciences that necessary to be researched prior to completely practicing and understanding Vedic teaching. These 6 limbs or the angas append Vyakarana that actually stands for face, Chandas Meter implys legs, Nirukta indicates ears as well as etymology Shiksha ascribe to pronunciation and denotes from nose, Kalpa Pujas, ascribe to hands and denotes as ceremonies and, Jyotish meaning Vedic Gyan or astrology connotes eyes. Indian astrology is being studied since old times. The People from beginning across the world are accommodated in this study. This ideology is related with astronomy and Vedas. Motions of planets and stars are astrology related things each planetary is relate with signs. So, Indian astrology is practice of these celestial bodies.
Many oldest Greek mathematicians and philosophers, including Ptolemy calculated astrology analyzing it to be astronomy. These educated people contributed considerably to the live help feature of horoscope readings of Western astrology. One of the most significant such opinion includes a real solar calendar. This solar calendar not only had standardized houses of planets but also included all the 12 zodiac sings. This opinion was as important like discovery of the equinoxs precedence by Hipparchus - Greek astronomer. Astrological reports therefore have come a long way since they were analyzed to be the copy-rights of the rich only.. Right from very beginning of mankind till date, people all around the world have been searching celestial guidance. The Western was also having no exception to the rule. And this searching of celestial guidance was the appearance of Western astrology.
Commonly called Yogis or Rishis, these seers appropriated their whole lives to the spiritual meditation and practices. It's their subterranean contemplative experiences along with Yoga acquaintance that has provided birth to Jyotish or Astrology. Not only've this, but all food for soul including mantras, music, and ayurveda have also introduced from Vedic studies of Yoga.Avoidable to say, Vedic form of astrological predications is religious in nature. Its purpose is to understand the concept of personal karma first. Thereafter, it allows a practitioner to correct her/ his Karmas, unidentified remains with them, and subsequently helps in the deliverance of the soul.The folly for astrological predictions and reports is increasing at a lightning quick speed not only in Western but globally. May this enthusiasm wear out now and continue to increasing even more.Consult vedic astrologers in Delhi to remove hurdles of life.

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