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Remedial astrology Consultancy

Remedial Astrology Readings are suggested by Famous astrologers to ward off all materialistic Problems by the analysis of accurate horoscope.Remedial Solution is the most mysterious and complicated part of Indian Vedic astrology with earliest references coming from the Vedas. People have to undergo a number of stages in their lifetimes. In certain cases failures and obstacles are faced whereas in other cases success is achieved. Spiritual healing, Reiki, astrological remedies such as stones, mantras, prayers, offerings to gods, visits to holy places etc. enhances the chances of success in endeavors in which the person is facing difficulties. In some cases people achieve success in which they had adopted remedial vedic astrology measures advised by capable astrologers and healers.Remedial horoscope readings Measure means a conscious effort which may include chanting of Vedic prayers (Mantras), wearing of gemstones, fasting on certain days, wearing amulets (Yantras or amulets, donating to the poor, offering selfless services to others, contributing to Vedic fire-rituals etc. Remedy is a very powerful tool and through it there might be great or even complete reconfigurations in the stage of a person's life. Find us online as indian horoscope, indian astrology and vedic astrology consultancy in Delhi.
Indian Horoscope offers remedial astrology reports. We not only find out the facts through astrology findings and calculations but also offer remedies for all the problems. We have a panel of experts who are highly qualified and experienced in the offering astrology solution. We offer gems, yantras, rudrakshas, mantras and many others solution to nullify the bad effects of planets and stars. The bad effects of planets and starts can be evaded by using these remedial solutions offered by Astroguru-India. Puja and several other ways too can appease the planets and remove the ill effects of the planets.
We astrologers at provides you the better astrological solutions to ward off all materialistic problems. We will provide you a remedial report, which could contain all, or combination of remedies discussed below:

Gems stones: Throughout the ages, gems and precious metals have been worn for specific purposes and often prescribed by astrologers and healers. In Vedic Astrology, wearing of recommended gems is one of the main methods for remedying life problems as detected in the horoscope Gems are used to strengthen the weak auspicious planets and to strengthen the already strong planets. Gems are studded in different metals which is supposed to supportive to planets are recommended. Each gem stone has to be worn according to astrological parameters described in astrological texts otherwise it could become harmful.

Pooja Services: Pooja could be termed as exercises keep our bodies healthy and free from disease, as yoga keeps the flow of our vital energy in good condition, pooja is a ritual performed to keep us in harmony with the cosmic forces, thereby removing and overcoming the sorrows of life and bringing spiritual advancement. Pooja thali is necessary, which contains all the essential accessories for a pooja, a bell, small katauri, a matka, an om coin and a leaf shaped tiny box to hold roli chawal.

Yagya: Yagya is a sacrificial fire ceremony and is an important devotional practice. During the homam priests offer a lot of herbal ingredients and pure ghee into the fire chanting Vedic mantras. This is Very powerful remedial solution to ward off all types of problems.

Japam: Japams are done to accomplish any desire one specific time of Vedic mantras are recited toward off problems. These mantras could be 125000 vedic mantras are chanted If a person is not able to do every day puja, Kavach Recitation, fast then he could appoint a priests or a trained Brahmin to do a Japam by chanting the required mantras for the required days on behalf of the person and give complete anusthan and ahuti in the sacred fire. Priests perform the Homam and give food to the Brahmins. Due to these japams the malefic effects of the planets is eradicated, and the planets do not give their ill or malefic effects.

Donations: The easiest way to lessen the malefic effects of planets is to donate material which is denoted or related or are liked by the respective malefic planets. Due to this planets will lessen their malefic effects.

Fasting: Fasts are recommended on a specific day and on that appointed day clothes are worn according to the planet for whom the fast is observed and using crystal or Rudraksha bead mantras have to be chanted to appease the planet. Fasts observed with the proper japams give ten fold effects to the person who is observing the fast.

Yantras: Yantra means a "talisman", or "instrument" or Kavach" which, if prepared and created by a qualified person as well as utilized under his specific instructions for fruitful results, will help to gain the objector objects of desire or ambition.

A Yantra is essential in every field of your life, to attain success in your profession, to acquire wealth, to win in court cases, to ward off diseases and to progress in meditation. By having a Yantra and keeping it in a sacred place in your house, gazing it everyday can fulfill your desires and help in attaining your goals. Yantra is a suitable object for puja it must be energized. It is auspicious to see the Yantra daily in the morning and one should lit incense/dhoop or lamp with ghee before the Yantra every morning. By doing this native is blessed with success and wealth.

Amulets: Use of amulet is in vogue since thousands of years. A trained and a spiritual person who prepares it on a special leaf, which is known as a “bhoja patra”. A special yantra or mantra or a special figure is drawn on the bhoja patra with special ink and a special pen that is usually made with a wood of Anar. After drawing the bhoja patra is given life by japams on special nights and then folded and put in a silver casing to be given to the person concerned.
This horoscope remedial report provides you an in-depth analysis of your horoscope and suggests appropriate remedies to ward off all problems.Contact astrologers at to ward off Materialistic problems and to lead successful life utilizing Indian astrology in Your Life.If you reside in Delhi or NCR and want to contact our astrologers for accurate horoscope readings and effective remedial solutions of any Problems then visit at our office for astrology consultancy in Janakpuri,Delhi,India.COntact customer care for more details 09911449149

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