Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Corporate horoscope readings

Corporate astrology deals with the corporate astrological field, by analyzing the chart of a company and is used to bring out the strong and weak points of the company, favorable and unfavorable periods of the company. So role of a corporate astrologers are becoming more demanding. We use all astrological technique much efficiently while casting corporate horoscope for a particular company.
The personal horoscopes of the CEO or key persons are also important for predicting the company’s future. It’s active and inactive period, favorable for financial growth, diversification, time of expansions, foreign investment, floating of shares, time suitable for useful and productive recruitment etc. Career predictions up to required number of years stating promotions, transfers, loosing of jobs, occupational or professional problems, period of setbacks/slow down of company’s period indicated.
Indian horoscope reading provides the strength and weakness analysis of the planetary influences in the birth chart of the owners or Chief Executive or the Members of the Top Management Group explaining which planets are weak and are causing problems, and which are the positive areas of the chart that indicate success and can be exploited for greater benefits.
The ancient knowledge also makes suggestions for improvements through Vastu techniques and astrological remedial measures. For achieving the synergies of multi-disciplined specialties and managerial competencies various people have to venture into partnerships. For a successful long lasting business relationship compatibility analysis is taken up to see the temperament, team spirit and financial strength of the partners as the absence of the teamwork can disturb the mental peace of the top management group by entering into wrong business relationship. Not only preventive analysis is done, but advice is also given for being successful in business relationships.
Each member of the top management team should have:
Optimum leadership quality for planning, organizing and monitoring the area of his/her operations, which is represented by the Sun
Good analytical power to take best decisions in the available circumstances, which are governed by the Mercury
Supportive temperament for other members of the team, which is governed by Venus.
Intuitive power in managerial decision-making, which is jointly, represented by the Sun and Jupiter.
Capacity to keep all concerned well informed about the activities, which is governed by the Moon.
Stamina required for the implementation of the project, which is represented by Mars.
Developing the senior and line managers for taking up various positions for operations, which is governed by Jupiter.Get your horoscope analyzed by best and famous corporate astrologers to become the leader of your industry.Visit www.astroguru-india.com

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