Friday, October 14, 2011

Luxmi Yagya proudly announces the Luxmi Yagya on the eve of Deepawali festival. Goddess Luxmi Is the mother of fortune,wealth and prosperity.Luxmi Yagya (Yagna) is meant for massive wealth on a regular monthly basis. There are many wealthy people across the globe who gets this Yagya done to keep the good fortunes stay with them in terms of amassing the wealth. This Yagya helps them achieve the goal of staying as favourites of the forces of nature.If you are one of them who regularly face problems in financial matters and debts.Then this Yagya can become milestone in your life to make you stress free in financial matters. Deepawali night is considered most auspicious muhurtha to invoke Goddess Luxmi to remove financial adversity.Our vedic priests will perform Luxmi Yagya of 11,00000 chants behalf of Devotees of USA,UK,CANADA,AUSTRALIA,India and many countries of the world.This Yagya will start on 19th October,2011 and will complete on 26th October,2011 with huge fire Yagya.In this Yagya our 25 priests will engage to perform vedic worship and chanting of Luxmi Mantra to get blessing of Mother have been performing this kind of rare Yagya on several occasions since 2003 to fill up ours life with wealth, prosperity and happiness all along.We receive hundreds of testimonials from our client which dictates successful and divine efforts of our priests. It does not matter where you reside in the world whether USA,UK,CANADA,GERMANY,FRANCE,AUSTRALIA,DUBAI,RUSSIA and any other parts of world,this Yagya will positively effect you in the same manners if you get done by anywhere.We have to follow some certain rules while taking sankalpam.Our priest need your name,Gothram and address to use in this yagya.We are the pioneering company in the world who Perform very rare Yagyas for certain results.You need to just experience the power of mantras(Yagyas) that how positively it effects your financial positions. If you are facing business losses,financial setback,debts or any other finance related problems then become the part of this Yagya and get positive opportunities to make yourself prosper in money matters.This Yagya will be performed in Janakpuri,Delhi,India.If you are interested to participate in this Yagya personally,you are most welcome in the divine Yagya celebration. To participate in this Yagya contact: Customercare No:09911449149 62,DDA Complex,Behind Janak Cinema,Janakpuri,New Delhi,India You can book your participation in this Yagya till 16th October,2011