Sunday, August 8, 2010

Yagya- the Ritual of Surrendering to the Almighty

The word Yagya has its origin in the Sanskrit word ‘YAJAN’ meaning prayer, sacrifice, surrender. It also means action without expectation. It’s a specific ritual for gaining a peaceful and happy life on earth and it is meant for all kinds of human beings. Yagya is a science and a method of self realization- it’s a way of living. There are various kinds of Yagya. The kings and the rishis have been performing yagyas since time immemorial. The Gyaan Yagya is the most auspicious of all Yagyas. Among the other Yagyas following are the most popular ones-
1.) Agnihom Yagya
2.) Ashwamedh Yagya
3.) Brihaspati Yagya
4.) Devasatra Yagya
5.) Go-medg Yagya
6.) Gyaan Yagya
7.) Pitaamaha Yagya
8.) Raajsooya Yagya
9.) Sarmedh Yagya
10.) Som Yagya
11.) Vaajpeya Yagya
12.) Vishwajit Yagya

The process of Yagya involves the setting up of a Vedee (alter), lighting it with fire and offering Aahuti (oblations) to it. It is done in two parts- Mantra (sound energy) and Havishya (food of gods). Mantras are chants that invoke the gods and Havishya is the food that is offered to the gods for their satisfaction. Food is offered to all gods through Agni which is the symbol of mouth of all gods.
Yagya is a term associated with Indian astrology and is cognate with the English word ‘ignite’ and so is connected with fire. The process of Yagya involves an offering to gods which is consumed by the fire. Generally if one is going through a bad phase in life due to negative influence of the planets, he can perform a yagya and sort the problem out. But it’s important to consult an astrologer before performing a Yagya, as a wrong choice of Yagya can increase the malefic effect of the planets which in its turn can further aggravate the situation. The astrologers will advice which Yagya to perform depending on the nature of trouble. Besides, it’s also important to think a lot and doing a little bit of research before deciding on the vedic priest who will perform the Yagya. It can be done in your presence or absence. Whatever be your decision, you should first find out if the priest you have selected is reputed or not, as there are many unscrupulous people in this business. If not chosen properly it can be an utter misuse of money, as a Yagya performed in a wrong way yields no result.

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