Friday, October 15, 2010

Job for vedic astrologers is the reputed online astrology Company .Our reliability and accuracy in astrological services is utmost. We have very acclaimed and highly qualified Panel of Vedic astrologers across south to north India who have been executing their heartfelt support to this company to provide accurate astrological services to the world.
WE are in process to expand our astrological services, envisage going global and have started the process of providing our services in USA, UK, AUSTRALIA, CANADA etc.According to our expansion needs we are inviting vedic astrologers from various locations of India, who would like to take the challenge of expanding their horizons and be a member of our panel of astrologers which would provide accurate Astrology services on a global access. If you like the challenges and like to step on secure paths to reach the pinnacle of success then provide you the secure platform to catch the opportunity of name, fame and success under the umbrella of this organization.
If you are “jyotishacharya” or “Ph.D in astrology” from recognized university and have experience of More than 10 years in this stream. If you are fluent in English in written and verbally and have computer knowledge then do send us your complete CV with current photograph at candidate will be called up for Interview in Mumbai. Candidate will be interviewed by top Vedic astrologers of Kerala and Vanaras on 06th November, 2010.Salary no restraint for suitable candidate.


  1. please check my link at and let me know if we can work on revenue sharing basis.

    astro guru

  2. Astrology has a large scope in its field.People are taking interest into it.

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