Sunday, October 24, 2010

Behaviours modification in Indian astrology

Indian Vedic astrology gives us the ability to know ourselves fully. The map of the heavens at the moment of one’s birth, known as natal or birth chart, is a reflection of our unique personality, it can advise on our love life, point us towards a suitable career, even help us to be a better parent. But Indian astrology much more than this. One of the best means available to understand other people, once we know how to combine the different factors in a birth chart, we can look behind the face someone parents to the world and discover who that person really is.
For thousand of years, astrologers have been studying the effects of planetary activity and its correspondence with human behaviour, personality, health, karma and much else besides. The more you understand of this profound art, the greater insight you will gain into your life and the lives of the people around you. Vedic astrology has been used for millennia to predict the future. Whilst the planets do not actually make thing happen, astrologers have long observed correlations between planetary activity and earthbound events taking place at the moment.Accdents more likely to happen, for example, when the explosive planet Uranus crosses paths with fiery, headstrong mars. By observing day to day moment of the planets and calculating how that movement will affect your sun sign or natal chart, a professional astrologer can foresee events, recognize the possibility of change and identify opportunities or blockages in your path. Nothing is static: by understanding the progression of the planet, astrologers can analyze how to harness changes in one’s favor.
There is a distinct interconnectedness amongst everything that exists in the universal connectivity can be felt but can not be explained. Scientific evidence favors this interconnectedness. Recent advances in quantum physic, the relativity and superstring theories all point to an underlying thread of connectivity between matter and energy or the visible and the invisible in the universe. This continuity is supported by the inter-changeability of the mass energy-one can create the other. This continuum constitutes ‘Mysticism’. The astrological is replete with numerous remedial measures, techniques and rituals. They range from such simplistic ones as throwing copper pieces in running water for the appeasement of a malefic sun to elaborate fasts and rituals performing which is probably beyond the capability of modern man. The most important service an astrologer can render a native is to forewarm him. The clich is that forewarned is forearmed. The native who comes to know about his impending misfortune can prepare himself to deal with it. This may, however, not be true in every instance and depends on the astrological strength of the native.However, knowing and understanding the difficulties is the only way to solve problems.
The planetary weaknesses can be diagnosed from the horoscope chart .Remedial measures work like applied behavioral psychology. This is effect is like putting the kriyaman and agami karma of the native into proper perspective for better living. He is encouraged to adopt behavior which is likely to do him the maximum good. The remedial measures act as mainly at the mystical level. When the energy of a person is directed at highlighting his jupitarian traits and subduing his saturnine proclivities, he also starts to act in that way. If he persists in the new habits, a more helpful and comfortable life is chalked out by the native for himself. For example, if someone has badly placed and weak sun, he will manifest the negative qualities of hautiness, egotism, vainglory and disdain for others. If the native is made to subdue these characteristics and asked to act magnimously and humbly, he/she will reap the benefits of a benefic sun. People who buy a gem for a particular planet and nonchalantly wear it in ring on their finger gain nothing but loose a lot of money in the bargain. This is the distinctive feature of Indian astrology and the concept of behaviors modification.

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