Sunday, April 3, 2011

Chandi Yagya

Chandi Yagya is considered very powerful Yagya to control turmoil, seeking divine help for Prosperity, Wealth and wisdom. Chandi is Mother Durga, as she Called in Puranas. In this Yagya Chandi (Durga) is invoked to gain prosperity of all types and to cure all types of diseases. This Yagya is also performed for avoiding danger of life. Purpose of this Chandi yagya is to remove any obstacles or blocks in one’s path ahead. By performing the Chandi Yagya(for a person or a group of people),difficulties caused by hostile elements will be eradicated.Sufferings,both internally and extrernally,resulting from poison,sorcery,thieves and such other things are removed by performing this Yagya.
Yagya is an auspicious way of accessing the divinity within us and manifesting it externally.Yagya are worships which is performed for a particular deity. Vedas and Yagyas are eternal truths having neither beginning nor end, and are ‘Apourusheyam’ (Divine, not the creation of humans).Karma (work or action) is an integral part of living. Right and wrong karmas can hardly be discerned by human intellect, and has to be guided by knowledge.Veda, indeed, contains the highest form of knowledge. The singular goal of Veda is to guide man through the correct path.Yagya forms the essence of all karmas prescribed in the Veda. The goal of all yagya is the prosperity of the people at large, by energizing and protecting the environment. The Sun is considered as the main source of energy supply, and fire is considered as a representation of the Sun’s energy. Chandi Yagya is a very powerful Yagya to get instant relief from any misery.
If one is facing life threaten PROBLEMS and not getting proper solutions then he/she should get performed Chandi Yagya by qualified and experience group of priests then he/she will get best supports by grace of Mother Durga.
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