Saturday, April 2, 2011

Yagya-Secure path to lead life successfully

Yagya is one of the very powerful resources to sort out problems and to become happier in this very troubling world. People are facing many challenges in their life to make them happier, thus, role of Yagyas have become the most useful way to get help by blessing of almighty and to motivate oneself to fulfill one’s desires. This has also led to the growth of very many online yagya requests sites. Yagya is a mysterious phenomenon explained in vedas.Yagya is very sacred and divine activities which are performed by a group of Vedic priests. There are thousand kinds of Yagyas are available in Vedic scriptures which have been designed by ancient Rishis to get blessings by God to ward off all kinds of miseries. Vedic yagya is a pious and divine activity which is performed by Indian Vedic priests. To perform Vedic Yagya, Priests should have proper knowledge of Vedic Mantras; Priests should know the proper pronunciations and meaning of mantras as well as priests have to be very religious during yagya period to get desired results and blessing from God.
Yagya could be performed to get instant help in order to sort out any kind of problems and have prosperity, happiness, peace, salvation also. If one is suffering from financial problems and not find proper solution then invoking Mother Luxmi through Luxmi Yagya and he/she will surely get proper opportunity to sort out financial problems.Yagyas result never goes in vain if it is performed by vedic method and qualified priests following the vedic do’s and don’s during Yagya period.Yagya is a hundred percent secure and result oriented solution. If you get yagya conducted by priests in prescribed counting of Recitations and through a proper Vedic method, it will surely give result within a period. If you don’t get result through Yagya.You are entitled to ask those priests about the result and priests will surely be responsible for the yagya. These days finding pure and qualified priests in our society are very complicated things. Now these days unqualified priests, without knowledge of proper Vedic Mantras and having dressed of Dhoti-Kurta and putting tilak on forehead spanning everywhere but they don’t know the procedures, meaning and pronunciations of vedic mantras are performing Yagya.These kinds of priests are degrading the value of Yagyas and Yagyas never give you proper result. Our Vedic scriptures explain that only Brahmins have the rights to perform yagya and to take donations (Daanam).
If Yagyas are performed by qualified and experienced Vedic priests (Brahmins) following the methods of Vedic procedures it will surely help one to fulfill desires undoubtedly.
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