Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Astrology in Delhi

In India different people use astrology for different purposes; some use it to solve their everyday life problems, some use it to make their future better, based on solutions given by astrologers, while some people simply take all their major decisions of life based on the advice of the astrologers. Thus be it in whichever manner, astrology has a great influence on the people of India.Astrology has different meaning for different people, some think of it to be a sheer source of entertainment and some people depend on astrology and astrologers so much that it becomes an integral part of their life. Whether you are rich or poor, successful or unsuccessful, we always have some problems of life surrounding us. All of us have some secret desires or wishes that are yet to come true. Many people get their horoscopes checked by the astrologers, and try and find out remedies to make their life better. Erudite astrologers with an exhaustive knowledge of astronomical science make an attempt to predict a person’s future life events by observing the position of the sun, moon and other planetary objects. There are many different uses of astrology. People try and plan their life in a different way as per the advice of the astrologer in order to get the desired results. For example in India all important works and functions are done after consulting the astrologers. Be it a wedding or a house warming party or any other major celebration, dates is not decided randomly or on the basis of the convenience of people. Unlike in the west, in India an auspicious day is chosen by the astrologers, and people conduct their celebration on that particular day, with the belief that if the function or the celebration is conducted on this day, everything will go smooth and hassle free.In India there are also many other things that are done according to the astrological belief, for example in the villages in India, farmers sow the seeds at particular time of the year, based on astrological predictions, expecting better results from their farming. At times even movies in India are released on a date given by the astrologer, with a belief that it would make better business if released on a certain auspicious day.Other than these, astrology is also used by people to find solutions to their existing problems. In India people use astrology for solving problems like financial instability, problems in relationship, problems at workplace, education related problems etc. Many as astrologers provide different solution to these problems by checking the horoscope of the people. These solutions might include anything from taking up rings with precious astronomical stones to conducting rituals like Havans, which is worship of fire god. Astrologers also help in predicting some fortunate or unfortunate events that might occur in the future, and also suggest the right time to act on a particular situation or problem, to make your life a little better.Astrologers in India, play a very important role in every facet of life of the people of India. Whether it is for entertainment or necessity, you can nevertheless never ignore the importance of astrology in the life of an Indian.

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