Friday, January 13, 2012

The Importance of Indian Astrology and Astrologers

The significance of Astrology in the life of Indians is simply immeasurable. Every individual is either intrinsically or inadvertently linked with Astrology at some point of time in their lives. The Horoscope reading and prophecy made by Astrologers are believed to have changed people’s life and unknotted the tangles of many severe catastrophes, capable of ruining people’s life. From birth till death the role of Astrology is inestimable, right from the name giving ceremony to the last rites, form marriage to career decisions everything is decided on the basis of Astrology or the position of your planets. Astrology in other words is a journey towards enlightenment of the mind and soul.For some people the importance of Astrology and Astrologers are confined to specific occasions in their or their loved ones’ life. But for many others, the use of Astrology has become a day to day part of their life. They take every single step in their life by consulting their Astrologers. Whatever it may be, but even the biggest non-believers of Astrology have to agree that Astrology has left a mark in their life at some point or the other. The persistent prominence of Astrology and Astrologers have encouraged several fake Horoscope readers and predictors to come into this field. But with the advancement of media, now you can find renowned and trustworthy Astrologers online. Just go through the testimonials, rating and recommendation and get the best Astrologers and the best astro-prediction. Even television channel are featuring special programme on Astrology where eminent astro specialists appears and renders valuable advises to the audience at free of cost. Newspapers are no behind, they too have reserved special segments on daily Horoscope and there you can also come across the name and contact numbers of famed Astrologers. Indian Astrology is bedecked with rich culture, knowledge and understanding. An excellent conception of Mathematics and Astronomy is expected from the Astrologers. Astrology generally revolves round the study of the position of the 9 planets, houses and nakshatras. The planets namely Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, Saturn, Sun, Moon, Rahu and Ketu are the major sources from where these Astrologers can predict your future and mend your present distressful state. Even the name of a baby or the date of a marriage is fixed depending on these planets and their movements. Apart from rendering you with valuable guidance and advises, Astrologers may often recommend you to wear special gems and roots or to perform certain rituals to pacify your planets so that you can be saved from all sort of problems can lead a healthy and prosperous life. A Horoscope reader or predictor must be very pleasing and kind-hearted so that is his/her very presence can light a ray of hope in his mind. He/she should frank and straightforward while predicting any positive aspect and future of a person but on the contrary he/she must very tactful while prophesying any unforeseen or negative crisis in an individual’s life. An Astrologer must be calm and optimistic to handle the problems of every sort of people, so that people’s faith in Astrology never diminishes.Astrology was, is and will always be there for people in their happy and mostly in their sad times and Astrologers are your true friend, philosopher and guide.


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