Saturday, March 21, 2009

Vedic astrology in human life

Vedic astrology is an ancient science which had been propounded and preached by the Indian sages, seers. Therefore it is called the divine science. The great scientists, who do not accept anything without reasons, have accepted Indian Vedic astrology as a pure science. During the last 50 years, there has been a greater awakening among people about the importance of astrology. Since it is based on astronomy, the predictions made are dependent on the accuracy of one’s personal data of birth, time of birth and place of birth. In modern times, with the progress of science and technology, man’s life has become faster and full of struggle and the utility of astrology in day to day life are increasingly recognized. Right from knowing the aptitude of students to study a particular ‘discipline of subjects’ upto his getting a job or entering into business and the events that will follow throughout his life can be predicted immediately after birth of a child. An astrologer can predict in advance about the time of ill health and can advise to be careful to take precautionary measures to ward off or minimize the damage. There are several branches of astrology through which predictions are made like horoscopes, palmistry, and numerology and Prasna astrology. Indian Vedic astrology which is also known as Hindu astrology is Nakshatra based and the Nakshatra are broadly classified as good, medium and bad. There are a few other classifications also. One group of bad Nakshatra are ‘Gand Moola’ Nakshatra.Its the time of birth of a child, a common question asked by the parents of the child is whether he or she is born in ‘Moola Nakshatra.Secondly they also ask about the ‘Moorti Nirnai’or the types of steps-‘Payas’-on which child has come i.e. golden, silver, copper and iron payas.The copper ‘payas are considered best and those of iron are worst. Apart from this, the moon sign in the horoscope is also important for the predictions of child. Due to some planetary positions, a malefic yoga, known as Balarishta is formed and to ward off the bad effects of this yoga, certain propitiation of God is required. This has been observed from the analysis of many horoscopes. Due to the tremendous progress in the field of science human life has become very busy. Right from the birth of a child, his or her parents start worrying about admissions of child in a good school. This is a big problem for everyone in big cities and towns. Here the role of Indian Vedic astrology comes in through which proper guidance and counseling can be provided to the students about their aptitude for particular subject of study. This can be assessed by astrologers easily by looking at one’s horoscope. Apart from the planetary configuration at the time of birth, the principle of ‘Desh-Kaal-Patra-is applied and individual’s, regional background and social status is also to be considered. By analyzing the respective columns of horoscope or house relating to education, the students can be advised to take a proper subject. Similarly, after completing education or professional training, what will be the profession or activity of a person to earn the livelihood? Will he seek employment or enter into business and provide employment to others. Whether he will work near his home town, in his own country or in foreign land? Answers to all these kind of questions which always worry a person, can easily be provided by analyzing his/her horoscope. Vedic astrology like Hindu mythology lays a great emphasis on karma theory. Vedic astrology is more useful than it was thousands of years ago when it was bestowed by Indian sages through words of mouth, to begin with. In modern times it can help in making one’s life happier by advising to do the right things at the right time. Indian Vedic astrology is much accurate in its predictions than any kind of other predictive methods which are applied by many professionals in the world.


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