Sunday, April 12, 2009

Predictions of Child birth in Indian Horoscope

Man is the most intelligent and powerful among all the creatures of God. He is social by nature and the ambition to maintain his status in the society is super most in his mind. One of his ever lasting desires is that even after his death his name is perpetuated and his family tree continues to grow and expand. With this aim, he marries but in spite of all the progress made in the field of science and medicine in the modern times, the birth of a child takes place only with the blessings of the almighty and this is the area where the effects of noble deeds of one’s past clearly manifest themselves and Indian astrology assumes significance.
In Indian horoscope, the 5th house of a horoscope which is also called as noble deeds indicates progeny, 9th house which is 5th, from 5th on the basis of the principle of Bahavat bhavam and also 7th house are important for the birth of a child. All these three houses and their lords should be well placed in the birth chart as well as in ‘Navamsha’.Then they should not have any malefic aspect nor they should be in ‘Paap Kartari yoga’’.Similarly,5th,7th and 9th lords should neither be,debilitated,combust or otherwise ill placed nor they should have any malefic aspect. Jupiter the significator of child birth should also be strong in the birth chart and Saptamsha chart. These points should also be checked in Navamsha and from moon, Ascendant and its lord should also not be afflicted.
Small family norm is the order of the day in most of the countries.Conequent upon this social change, all rules of classical texts regarding children as per one’s horoscope have become inapplicable.Still,due to popular belief everybody in India likes to have al least one male child. This is also necessary for continuance of the society. The demands on astrology become greater as in a small number of children one likes to have, one wants a mixture of male and female progeny. Apart from the sex of child, the happiness to be derived from the male progeny is the next question.
The lord of the fifth house containing a mool trikona sign becomes the prime determinant for male progeny. In case of the fifth house does not contain a mool trikona sign, then the lord of the second house becomes the prime determinant for child birth. If both the fifth and the second houses do not contain mool trikona sign, then Jupiter becomes prime determinant for male child. The lord of the ascendant of Saptamamsha containing a mool trikona sign and the sun become the secondary determinants for male child. The happiness from male child is seen from the tenth house.
In order to analyze child birth, astrologer should concentrate over some astrological Yoga which exactly causes the reasons of child birth.