Monday, April 13, 2009

The elements in Vedic astrology

The energy of the planet is filtered by the four elements. Each element is related to a particular function of the self. Earth to the body and matter, water to emotions, air to the mind and intellect, and fire to the spirit and intuition.
The balance of planets within the horoscope chart describes how much at ease within these specific realms of experience a person is. Some charts are balanced, with an equal number of planets in each element. Others have only one planet in an element or none at all, and a large number in another.
The elements in Vedic astrology represent different ways of perceiving life. In practical earth, the world in experienced via the physical senses; in water. It is experienced through sensing and emotion. Air arrives at understanding through thought and logical reason but fire is intuitive and knowing.
Signs that share the same element resonate with each other but independent fire signs find water too dependent and introspective. Making relationships difficult; water feelings are expressed non-verbally, whereas the air signs communicate primarily with words. Earth signs are essentially practical and have little time for flights of fancy or emotional outbursts.
Elemental balance:
The number of planets in each element in an individual charts shapes behaviour and indicates how the individual perceives reality. While a balanced number of planets in all four elements favours expression of the element in which the sun is placed, a preponderance of elements that are not harmonious with the sun sign can have a powerful effect on how the sun is expressed, particularly if the moon or mars is placed in a dominant element. The sun in cancer-a water sign-and the moon, mars and Pluto in Virgo-an earth sign-suggest a practical, earthy person, who can keep control over the powerful emotional reactions characteristics of cancer, for instance.
A strong emphasis on one or two elements in a chart can lead to a deficiency in others and specific combinations of elements give rise to a characteristics approach to the world.
The fire-Aries, Leo and Sagittarius-are characterized by a great appetite for experience and a joyous approach to living. Fire is the element of creation, the life force made manifest. It is the most active and consuming energy of the zodiac. As the element of spirit, it roams far and wide in search of inspiration and meaning. Without its all consuming vision, there would be no new horizons. This is the element of new possibilities and regeneration. Without fire there can be no transmutation.
People born under the element of fire have rapid thought processes and act on hunches. The fiery mind is intuitive, capable of plucking inspiration from the ether. Whether making great leaps of understanding or jumping to instant conclusions, fiery people have learned from birth to rely on their intuition.
Balanced fire: When the planets are placed in a horoscope chart in such a way that the effect of fire is balanced, the personality is optimistic, intuitive, spontaneous, affectionate and inspirational.
Imbalanced fire: Excess fire is angry, violent, over hearted and accident prone. Too much fire can lead to over enthusiasm, a string of projects that are never completed, and burn out. Deficient fire results in low resistance to infection, poor digestion, coldness, lackluster eyes and a lack of drive, courage or preservance.Possesing neither energy nor creativity, it can not regenerate itself.
Earth: The earth signs are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. Earth is the security conscious element and by far the most practical of the four. This element is concerned with bringing form out of chaos, moulding and shaping matter. Creations born of the earth are solid and enduring. As the fertile, tangible element, it is related to the physical body, to the physical senses and to sensuality.
Personalities with an emphasis on the earth element use the five physical senses to interact with and understand the world around them, focusing on practical, basic needs such as survival, security, food and warmth. This element can be relied upon to carry things through. While earth signs enjoy interaction with others, and recognize the value of physical contact, this is a self sufficient element. Earthy personalities do not other people in order to function.
Balanced earth: balanced earth is tolerant, steadfast and realistic, with a sound value system. With earth functioning at optimum levels, tasks are carried out efficiently and taken to their conclusion.
Imbalanced earth: Excess earth is inflexible and lethargic, slow to think and to understand. It indicates a tendency to oversleep and a strong resistance to change. The body and emotions become toxic, requiring regular cleasing.Deficient earth result in toxicity on every level, especially in the body. This personality tends to be unstable, with scattered energy and an inability to show vision. Lack of earth promotes irrational behaviour, indicating someone who lives totally in his or her head, or who is immersed in emotion.
Air: Airy signs are Gemini, Libra and Aquarious.Air is the most intellectual and innovative of the elements. Unconcerned with the material side of life, it is a connective element that is driven by a desire to communicate and share thought. Air thrives on discussion, and places mental rapport above passion. Individuals with innovative air strong in their chart are ideas people. They see infinite new possibilities. Although not always the most practical of elements, usually relying on others to carry things through, air is the instigator. This is rational but nevertheless intuitive sphere. Air personality types typically gather in vast quantities of data, and then process it to make huge leaps of understanding, without recognizing all the steps and connections involved.
Balanced air: balanced air is restless, nervous, anxious, unstable and detached. Too much air results in a butterfly mind that flits between topics and in unable to concentrate. With this excess present, speech is rapid and not always lucid, and conditions such as stuttering or dyslexia are more likely. Deficient air results in lassitude, introversion, stagnation and lack of perception. Without air, the mind may be irrational or slow to function. This condition is often associated with difficulties in making oneself understood.
Water: Watery signs are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Water is the most subtle and sensitive of the elements. The three introspective water signs flow with their own inner rhythm, heeding the call of powerful emotions. Water is concerned with feelings, cycles and fluctuations. Motivation is from within, often an unconscious reaction to an emotional stimulus. This is the least outwardly aware of the elements and the most irrational. These are the artists and poets of the zodiac. Water-sign people need to be needed, experiencing themselves most strongly through an exchange of emotions. Attuned to delicate nuances, they can be dependent and vulnerable, sometimes misreading the signals through the bias of their own emotion. When water intuition works well, it accesses an inner level of knowing that goes beyond the usual five senses. This is the element of gut instinct, of sensing and precognition.
Balanced water: Balanced water is calm, soft, gentle, sensitive and empathetic, with a steady disposition. Harmony in this element translates as someone who is emotional but not ruled by the emotions.
Imbalanced water: excess water is excessively emotional, apprehensive, overly security conscious, self indulgent, waterlogged, dreamy, sensuous, and often overweight.
Deficient water leads to stiffness, an inability to empathize, lack of rhythm, and an absence of emotional connections. Without sufficient water, the emotions are detached, a condition that may be disguised as dispassionate objectivity.


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