Monday, April 13, 2009

Rudraksha in Indian astrology

Rudraksha, the most powerful bead ever, has the power to influence any aspect of your life, be it personal affairs, marriage, education, career, health, business, politics or opening of a new venture and so on. Rudraksha beads act as a stabilizing anchor. The term Rudraksha actually means Lord Siva’s eye (Rudra i.e. Shiva + aksha i.e. eye), which beautifully suggests that it was pleasing to the eyes of Lord Shiva, and hence so named. Rudraksha is essentially a fruit, which is covered with pulp, a delicate outer skin, and it takes about 15 to 18 years to reach its full shape. The diameter of the seed is up to 1 inch (2.54 cm) and is nearly round in shape, and belongs to Eliocorpus Genetic type of herb. The seed can have 1 to 14 mouths (Cleft's) or faces and Rudraksha up to 21 Cleft's (faces) have been obtained by some collectors. Many researches have been carried out for the scientific explanation of diverse consequences of a range of faces. The Indian folklore and ancient classics are full of facts demonstrating various affects of wearing Rudraksha of different faces.


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