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Planets and Marital happiness in Indian horoscope

Marriage is a very auspicious as two persons are united. Further marriage is a social responsibility too and is a very sacred relationship. The celebration of marriage is a social function. Parents expect that the married of the couple would be a successful. Marriage is also the base for rearing a new generation. Not only romance, passionate love, deep emotion for union are involved but also number of other factors. Without seeing horoscope astrologer can not guarantee multi-sided harmony. Horoscope gives the future of the partners in regard to longevity,health,fidelity,etc.If horoscope tally one can be confident that the pair would live happily after marriage. Astrologer should study horoscopes individually as well as in relation to each other.
Before comparing the horoscopes for longevity of the would be partners, astrologers must see the longevity in individual horoscopes at length as widowhood or widower hood both are to be avoided as far as practicable. The 2nd and 7th houses of horoscope are the primary houses for death and there is danger from the house lords of these houses, the malefic occupants of these houses and the malefic planets in conjunction with these house lords. The house lords are least powerful, the malefic occupants more powerful, and the malefic planets in conjunction with house lords of 2nd and 7th houses are the most powerful to inflict death. Saturn in conjunction, association or aspect with a Maraka also become a marak.Lords of the 6th and 8th houses of horoscope also can become maraka.First astrologers have to analyze the inherent longevity of the native in the horoscope(Whether the life is long,short,medium or is threatened by Balarishta indications e.g., afflictions of the moon, the sun and the Ascendant.) and then only astrologer can find out which planet would act as Maraka(death inflictor).After astrologers have made individual study of the two horoscopes the comparative study would be very easy and rather crystal clear. First of all astrologers must analyze the mental and moral standards of the partners are more or less equal and the inherent nature must coincide for better adjustment.
Astrologers must analyze the house of children. Astrologer must give proper stress on the 7th and 8th houses in both horoscopes. The 7th house of the partner has an important effect. The 8th house of the lady means much for her husband’s longevity and so on. A skillful astrologer can point out the extent to which marital happiness can be cultivated. When tallying is over, the time for the performance of marriage should also be thought out in order to take advantage of the most auspicious occasions.
Horoscope charts of partners must be in close sympathy even in the long run and the inherent tendencies must not be neglected. The sympathy has also got to be seen from the angle of sex potency and sex adjustment. Mars and Venus in the 7th house of horoscope may make the individual over sexed and Jupiter and mercury under sexed. Mars in the 4th and 7th house of horoscope chart and Saturn in the 7th and the 8th houses of horoscope might generate conjugal unhappiness and quarrel. An individual having a horoscope chart indicating marital misery to be married with another individual having the same indication. Mars in the 2nd,4th,7th,8th and 12th houses of horoscope gives death of partner but if a mar is afflicted in both horoscopes charts the defect might get nullified. The defect is reduced if a mar is combined with the moon or Jupiter or the house occupied by mars has some special signs. If the 2nd is Gemini or Virgo; the 4th ,Aries and Scorpio; the 7th cancer or Capricorn; the 8th Pisces and Sagittarius; the 12th Libra and Taurus. Mars produces no defect if the house of horoscope is Leo and Aquarius.
In order to ascertain to constellational agreement astrologers must count the constellation of the male partner from the constellation of the female partner and divide the number by 9.The agreement is good if the remainder is 0,2,4,6 or 8.Harmony can be improved if individuals of following groups marry individuals of the same group.1.Divine group-pushya,swati,hasta,Sravana,Revati,Anuradha,mrigasira,aswini,punarvasu2.Human group-bharani,Rohini,aradra,uttarashadha,Poorva and Uttarabhadrapada.3. Other group Ashlesha,magha,Chitra,Vishakha,krittika,Jyeshtha,moola,Dhanishtha,satabhisha.
For sex compatibility a male constellation should be married to female constellation and preferably the male must be of a male constellation. The sexual urge differs according to the qualities of animals signified by different signs. An individual with Leo ascendant(lion urge) must not be married to an individual with Aries ascendant(goat urge).The best combinations are Ashwini and Shatbisha(representing male and female horse),Bharani and Revati(elephant).Pushya and Kritika(sheep) etc.There degree of ego spiritual worth must always be matched. Both must belong to the same Varna or at least the male might be of higher Varna than the female. The male might be a Brahmin(highest spiritual development signified by signs cancer, Scorpio and Pisces),the girl must be Kshatriya(Leo, Sagittarius and Libra) or Vaishya(Aries, Gemini and Aquarius)or a Shudra(Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn).There is some other rules also. The female must not be born in certain constellations for otherwise her fate might bring misfortune to some relatives. The last quarter of Vishakha for husband’s younger brother, last quarter of Moola for father in law, first quarter of ashlesha for mother,Jyeshtha for husband’s elder brother. Hence, Indian astrology horoscope plays vital role in deciding fate of would be partners. If all Indian astrological norms are exercised fairly before marriage then most arising problems could be mitigated before their arriving in married life and individual partner can enjoy happiness, harmony and prosperity in life.


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