Sunday, May 3, 2009

Financial Prosperity and Second house of Indian horoscope

Indian horoscope has its own roots in Indian culture and in ancient Vedic occultism. The Indian seers considered the Indian astrology or Jyotish which dealt with the knowledge of the future, as an important part of the Vedas. The authorship of the various scriptures is attributed to several different Indian seers, but none of them claimed originality. Indian seers or astrologers merely recorded the wisdom they had heard or remembered. Time has not tarnished the work of Indian seers or astrologers. During the course of human civilization the intellectual horizon of mankind has expanded and new lights have begun to shine from the ancient Indian wisdom. With every new revelation, the ancient Indian wisdom becomes yet more profound. Indian astrology or Indian horoscope reflects the understanding and perception of ancient Indian spiritual teachers regarding the facts of life. Indian horoscope was as enlightenment in the sense that its manifestations resulted from enlightening the eternal darkness or nothingness. Indian astrology or horoscope or Jyotish related to the nature of light and the radiation of various objects (especially the celestial entities), but this process had a purpose and a direction as well as a carefully defined nature and specific laws. Indian Astrology or Indian horoscope has a distinct role to play in providing peace, stability, confidence and prosperity in every day human relationships. In the present scenario, the Indian or Vedic astrologers expect to carry this message to a wider audience. A prerequisite for Indian horoscope Predictions is the realization of the existence of cosmic unity.
The second house of Indian astrology or horoscope chart is related to financial stability and the forms accumulation of money or finance. Wealth of the type signified by this house arises not so much as result of one’s activities but as a result of past karma. It comes from inheritance, property, interest accruals and sources over which the individual has no decisive control.
In Indian philosophy, Vedic astrologers and a common Indian people believe in Karmic influences. Wealth is indicated from the strength or weakness of the second house of horoscope chart. If this second house of Indian horoscope is strong or fortified, the Indian astrologers predict the native will be wealthy. If the lord of second house is in kendras or trikona,it indicates that the native will have lot of affluence and wealth. If the lord of the second house of Indian horoscope in placed in 6th, 8th or 12th house, the person may undergo financial strains and losses. But benefic planets are in the second house of Indian astrology chart generally are responsible to make the native wealthy. The effect of malefic planets in the second houses causes not only strains in family but also lots of struggles and losses till 28th of year of age. If Jupiter and mars conjunct in the second house, the native will be fortunate to possess good wealth and riches. If the lord of the second house of Indian astrology or horoscope chart of wealth and riches is placed in the 11th houses of gains and fulfillment of one’s desire or vice versa, the native will be affluent. If the lord of the 2nd house and 11th houses are placed in Kendras or trikona,it native will rise in life and will have lot of affluence and money power. If there is house exchange or parivarttan yogas between the lords of 2nd and 11th house, the native will be lucky in financial matters. If these two lords connected with finance houses of horoscope chart and placed in the first, fourth ,seventh or tenth or in trikona then the native is expected to be fairly prosperous and successful in his/her life.
Hence, Indian astrologers accurately predict about the wealth condition in individuals life, reading the Indian horoscope chart and by application of various norms and rules of Indian astrology which have been as the true source of prediction from the time immemorial of Vedas.


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