Saturday, May 23, 2009

Importance of Seventh house in Vedic astrology

This is such the house of horoscope that rules the desire for partnership, the attitude towards it, and the needs and functions that marital relationship fulfills. Traditionally this is the house of marriage, although as the institution of marriage becomes less important in western world, its meaning has been broadened to include all intimate emotional relationships, particularly one-to-one relationships. This house also rules close working partnerships.
The seventh house of horoscope is known as the house of wife, groin and the royal citadel. It represents the polarity of the first house. The seventh house is the field of one’s experience. Such activities are confined not only to sexual relationships, but are also linked with the enjoyment of food, the acquisition of beautiful clothes, perfumes and flowers, victory over enemies. From this house astrologer can delineate business partners as well as the decorations and acquisitions of royal favor. Business partnership, social relationships and the expressions of bodily urges are some of the characteristics of this house.
The composite seventh house, like the first, a sign of relationship in which the two people are truly trying to function as a unit. The seventh house of horoscope is the house of intimate one to one encounters. If a chart is on the whole favourable strong seventh house is a good indication that any kind of partnership, including marriage, can survive. A strong and well aspected seventh house is not absolutely necessary for a marriage or business relationship, but it helps. In a strong seventh house relationship, the two people are likely to think of themselves as one, as we and us. It is not simply a matter of enjoying each other’s company, as in a fifth house relationship. They should enjoy each other, but more important is the fact that they complement each other and make a strong whole.
A seventh house relationship that is not well-aspected will still be an intimate encounter, but the people may be enemies or at best competitors. This is because the seventh is also the house of one’s open enemies.
Obviously, strong seventh house can not guarantee a marriage between two people who love each other, but because they will think of themselves as a whole it is quite likely that they will get married or at least live together, happily.
A strong seventh house chart is also favourable to any one-to one relationship in which one person consults the other, such as patient and doctor, patient and psychotherapist, client and astrologer, client and lawyer, or client and any other type of professional.Needless to say, the seventh house must be well aspected in these cases.
The seventh house is ruled by the sign Libra and the Planet Venus.

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