Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Judging professions through Indian horoscope

The tenth house in an Indian horoscope or astrological chart indicates professions/Vocations/Occupations of a native. This indian horoscope chart also denotes position and prestige and the honour which one holds in society. A well placed tenth house is an indication that the person would be successful in his/her life. The nature of profession would depend upon not only on the strength of the ascendant, the Sun and the Moon. Another important factor which must be considered is if mercury is well placed, the person would belong to a learned profession, since mercury is the lord of intelligence and wisdom. If mercury and Moon are the weak in a Indian horoscope chart, the native will not be firm in decision making and may not be suitable for jobs involving higher responsibility and critical analysis. If the lord of tenth house of online/Indian horoscope chart is placed in 6, 8, and 12th houses, the person’s professional career would be subjected to vagaries of fortune, unless he takes to religion and the occult. If there is no planet posited in tenth house of a Indian horoscope chart then Navamsha chart will indicate the vocation of a person.
Persons with sun placed in the tenth house or if the sun is exalted in the Indian horoscope chart will be favoured to hold high government position. They could also be legal luminaries, Judges, lawyers and other belongings to Government or semi-government organizations. If Moon or Mercury receives the aspect of Saturn or Rahu, the person’s path will be set with difficulties. A strong or well placed Saturn in the tenth house of indian horoscope chart is a very favourable for the person’s career. The Sun in the tenth house in indian horoscope chart is also favourable for the person’s career which will be smooth. If there are too many malefic planets are posited in the tenth house of a horoscope chart then it is explained by vedic astrologers that the person may experience series of set backs in his/her professional and business career.Rahu in the tenth house of horoscope chart will favour the native to acquire affluence and he/she will travel widely for the purpose of business or profession. If the tenth house lord is placed in the twelfth house, the native may work in a foreign country. The ruling planets at any particular time of a native’s life would indicate the direction in which the travels will favour the native. If a business man wants to decide about his business, and is governed at a particular time by the operative period of the planet Sun and if The Sun is well placed in horoscope chart, then the person would be benefit if he enters into business relations with countries in the east. The Vedic planets have sway over various directions to decide career of a person. The tenth and eleventh houses of horoscope are connected with professional matters; business etc. still the whole horoscope must be analyzed scientifically before a Vedic or Indian astrologer passes his judgement on it.
The Sun is connected with Government jobs, semi government organization, state government jobs, law and judiciary, even where the individuals with a powerful sun in the tenth house are not in the employment of government, they will still be interacting with government in several ways, they may be either government contractors or commission agents, directly dealing with government or state agencies. If the Sun is placed with the lord of Ascendant, it indicates political career, but if The Sun is placed in his enemy’s house, the individual must guard the advantages intelligently. But yet the native will enjoy ample opportunities to hold high position of authority, in the service of the people and the nation. Mobilization of energy and resources will help in the long run-In the case of politician, if Saturn, which is connected with the masses, is combust or debilitated for a greater success, he should be wise enough to counteract the planetary afflictions through remedial solutions or astral remedies, which includes Pooja, Homam and offering alms to the needy and the poor. While the sun is considered as a king in a planetary cabinet, Moon is considered as a queen. These Vedic or astrological Planets are termed as Royal planets.
If Jupiter is placed in the tenth house from the ascendant, it confers lot of wealth, power and respect among highest circles. Persons with prominent or exalted Jupiter in their birth charts would need lot of co-operation and help from one and all and they will pursue occupations or professions which will involve the patronage and good will of others and to acquire success.

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