Saturday, May 23, 2009

Importance of first house in Vedic astrology

The first house of horoscope in Vedic astrology commonly referred to as the house of self. The cusp of the first house is the home of the ascendant, the sign which was rising on the eastern horizon at the precise moment of one’s birth. By thinking of this in terms of sun rise and new beginnings, one begins to grasp the concept of the fist house of Indian Vedic astrology. The new beginnings here are centered on the individual: the self and the attendant voyage of discovery which defines a person. Who are you? What will you become? How do you realize your best self? The fist house of Indian astrology or Indian horoscope speaks to the realization of one’s ultimate potential. This process of becoming a unique individual is one of the greatest contributions we make to the world in which we live.
The distinct qualities which we possess are often referred to as personality. The first house of Indian astrology or horoscope addresses the individual, his or her comportment (conduct) and approach to life. In other words, the sum total of one’s being. The first house of Indian or Vedic astrology represents the physical body, head and brain, general appearance, attractiveness of face, and the impacts of the personality. The height, the hair and its texture are also connected with it. The person’s nature, his/her capacity to enjoy the pleasures and struggles of life, the pleasures and pain destined for her/him are indicated by this house. Wisdom acquired from earlier lives is shown here as well. The first house represents the beginning of an event, a journey, or any activity undertaken by the person. This is the package Indian astrology or horoscope gives to the world. The packaging itself, or our outer being, is also governed by the first house-think the physical body and the way in which we present ourselves, and in particular, the head and face.
The first house of horoscope in vedic Indian astrology is called Adi meaning the beginning .It represents the beginning of all sentient begins, of all thought and idea; it stands for initial imagination, inspiration and aspiration. The early childhood is also ruled by the first house. Everything from our earliest steps to our view of the emerging world is considered here. How will we develop? What is our on life/it all begins at the beginning (the first house) and serves to shape us for all times?
In short, the first house of Vedic astrology speaks to the person we are becoming and will become, both internally and externally. The first house of horoscope not only reflects the individual’s personality and potential, but the possibility of his/her achieving any desired results. The first house of Indian or Vedic astrology addresses our personality and presentation to the world, our essential qualities, and approach to life, demeanor and basic sensibilities. The innerself and outer body are what the first house is all about.
The first house of horoscope in Vedic astrology or Indian astrology ruled by the sign Aries and the Planet mars.

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