Saturday, May 23, 2009

Importance of Second house in Vedic astrology

The second house of horoscope in Indian or Vedic astrology is commonly referred to as the house of possessions. While this house of horoscope speaks to that which we own, its not limited simply to tangible things. We own our feelings and emotions, as well as our inner selves, abilities, needs and wants. When we own up something, we are in fact claiming ownership of our greatest possession, our self.
Using our possessions, including material goods, to maximum advantage is also within the realm of the second house of horoscope. Our possessions should enhance our lives and those of others in addition to fostering a general sense of well-being. This brings forth the concept of value which is key to the second house of horoscope. What do we value, both tangibly and intangibly? Why do we value it/who do we value? What do we really own? What we want to own? Why? Our effective resolution of these questions is a large part of what the second house is all about.
Specific possessions covered by the second house of horoscope in Vedic astrology include earned income and our ability to influence it, investments and movable property (cars, clothing, jewellery and the like).Debt is also part of the equation here, since we own the responsibility to pay our bills. How we view money, the acquisition of wealth (debt), financial reversals, savings, budgeting and financial status are all rules by the second house of horoscope in Vedic astrology.
The second house of horoscope is also related to speech, family relations, faith in sacred tradition, eyes, gems and other forms of wealth, jewels, metal and death and also related to the sacred word AUM, the pranav.The sacred word is triple in its constitution, which reveals the different aspects of manifestation linking it with the primordial essence in its creative aspect and finally leading back to the original cause. The human relations signified by this house refer to those contacts which form the close blood-ties. They are also formed from the karmic past. Thus one finds that second house of horoscope refers to creative potential as distinct from creative action, and that it links the individual’s life with one aspect of his eternal component. It is significant to note that the second house of horoscope refers as much to creative potential such as speech, etc., as it does to death.
Fr those of us who believe that money will set us free, its interesting to note that this maxim finds a home in the second house of horoscope. Personal freedoms as established by financial capabilities and sensibility are addressed within this house. To a great extent, our possessions and what we do with them help to define us as viable human beings. Taking it a step further, will these material goods, help us again social standing, recognition, friendship and love? Used properly, they very well might.Therefore, the goal implicit in one’s possessions could be defined as the ability to use those possessions honestly and to our best advantage and for the greater good. If our possessions work for us and t hose around us, what more could we ask? more question does come to mind: what goes around comes around? Sounds about right.
The Second house of horoscope is ruled by the sign Taurus and the planet Venus.


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