Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Astrology is a predictive science as well as an art of predictions. It is divine in nature and hence known as science and immense skills are required to predict the events of the past, present and future hence it is an art. Who predict about past, present and future according to planetary effects is called as an astrologer or an astrologist. Merely studying horoscope chart or natal chart and learning from the learned Gurus do not make one proficient in this stream. An astrologer should be humility personified. He should be an above average individual, in terms of his mental capabilities and actions. He should never feel jealous of other’s rise in astrology field. He should indulge in a selfless service without entering into professionalism. This knowledge is the great divine science, which he has required, should be imparted to others. His effort should be to spread this science far and wide, to as many people as possible. Only then does the astrologer get the divine blessings, which we call in modern day parlance as intuition.

Astrologers in modern society are even more relevant today owing to the transformation that Indian society is undergoing. Sages Parashara has described the quality of astrologer in his holy astrology epic’Hora Shashtra’.According to Brihat Hora Parashara an astrologer should be able to cast an horoscope of a specific event that happens at a particular moment of time whether it is the birth of a child or any other event. He should have adequate knowledge and practice of the mathematical procedures to calculate balance of Period of birth, all the 16 divisional horoscope charts, annual horoscope-‘Varshaphal’ and ‘Ashta Varga’ accurately. Although with the prevalence of computers, an horoscope can be prepared very easily but it has been observed that the most of computer softwares, show a number of discrepancies particular in some of the divisional charts and in Ashta Varga tables, therefore, an astrologer should have a thorough knowledge of various techniques so that he can detect the mistakes in the horoscopes brought to him for consultation and if need be, he may himself prepare it manually.

An astrologer, has to listen to the problems clients who come to him for horoscope readings.Therefore,he has give them a patient hearing and for this purpose he should have good command over the language of the place and dialects, if any. He should be courteous and give his replies in a balanced manner and measured tone so that the consulting person who came with some problem, leaves in a cheerful mood and full of hopes for better.

While reading horoscopes, an astrologer may some across a situation where the forecast about any particular subject or question asked by the person is not clear for example the results of Dashas of debilitated, combust or retrograde planets or where the different classical texts suggest varied meaning or results. In such cases, the astrologer should give the balanced reply on the basis of a composite approach keeping in view the birth time-planetary positions-appropriate vimshottary period and transit of planets.

This is very important pre-requisite of an astrologer who should have a very sharp and probing mind to understand the client’s questions and examine the horoscope, going into minute details. He should constantly endeavor to compare the pattern of results under similar situations and modify the edicts of the classical texts in modern context wherever necessary.

An astrologer should have a wide knowledge of the historical, geographical, cultural, customs and conventions of different places. This will help him in making predictions in the true spirit of the principle of astrology.

An astrologer should exercise utmost self restraint. Client speaks out his problems in good faith. Astrologer should respect client’s emotions and should never think of exploiting the consulter for his selfish motive. An astrologer should work with the sole aim of general welfare of the masses in the name of God.

While reading horoscope, if there seems to be some ambiguity, an astrologer should make use of various techniques like the relevant divisional charts,Ashtakverga method different planetary period, like Jaimini char Period or Yogini Dasha period in addition to the generally followed’Vimshottary Dasha to arrive at his predictions which should be very clear-cut without any iota of doubts. This enhances the credibility of the astrologers and astrology.

An astrologer should have any exhaustive knowledge of the subject and he should continue to enhance it by constant study of horoscope charts, observation, listening to the learned masters and through his own sustained research and apply thus tested and tried principles on the horoscopes brought to him so that people are benefited by his deep knowledge. The correctness of predictions given by such an astrologer stands the test of time and is confirmed by the future course of events. These are the ideal qualities of an astrologer stipulated by Sage Parashara more than 5000 years ago which are rather difficult to emulate in modern times when man’s approach of life has become entirely materialistic. However, astrology being a divine science, astrologers must try to imbibe these qualities for the General welfare of Mankind.

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