Sunday, February 13, 2011

Combinations of Riches and Indian astrology

Various classical works in Indian astrology narrate countless combinations of prosperity or wealth which is Dhana Yogas in Indian Vedic astrology. Finance provides status, popularity and ensures self respect. It stands as insurance for a lean period or in a dire strait. Whether an individual has or will have plenty of or moderate wealth or subdued financial stability, all these much sought for factors are easily discernible from the horoscope. Therefore Indian astrology is an essential tool which sets a time frame of good and bad periods. It is quite possible that even with all kinds of accurate assessments about the trend of a particular trade or behaviour, yet it becomes difficult to reap the benefit or even good moves are turned into unexpected losses. All these unpredictable and unexplainable results have answers in Indian astrology. Indian astrology states with a degree of certainty that the native is running through a bad patch and instead of making profits he/she is going to loose. Indian astrology also provides remedy to a bad situation and one such curative step lies in a proper selection of time through electional astrology. This is one of the important branches of the Indian astrology which acts over and above all the calculations that go in making a good or bad move in the making money. It is a kind of reassurance and also acts as a governance to check against taking plunge at wrong times.
While combinations of riches or opulence are analyzed in Indian astrology one astrologer has to go through many astrological parameters for presence of yogas in Indian astrology. Any person who has a little exposure to Indian astrology knows about Dhana Yoga. One would assess it through 2nd house (Income and wealth), the 5th house (intuition
And speculation), 9th house (luck) and 11th house (gains) in a horoscope. The relationship between these four houses in horoscope indicates financial status of an individual. Ascendant house in horoscope denotes self always plays an important role. In addition, Indian astrology, the moon sign is like an ascendant and is a dominant factor. Therefore a strong ascendant and also powerful and well placed Moon, lend great support to money generating Dhana yogas .Jupiter the significator for status and wealth besides other traits, determines the financial status of a person. Similarly, the angular houses fiest, fourth, seventh and tenth houses in horoscope are known as Lakshmi sthana while the trine houses fiest, fifth and ninth houses of horoscope are known as Vishnu sthana.Hence, ascendant or first house is required to be fortified by its own lord and influenced by the benefic planets and should be free from any affliction to drive maximum prosperity.
There are many combinations for prosperity in Indian astrology to which predicts accurately the positions of wealth in our life. Indian astrology also suggests many remedial solutions to make our life prosper by the use of Indian astrology.

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