Saturday, February 5, 2011

Retrograde Planets and Indian astrology

Indian astrology is most accurate pattern to know accurately about every aspects of life. Many well accomplished astrologers in India are following Indian astrology to make accurate predictions. Indian astrology has established its own platform in the heart of followers of astrology. Astrology has been practiced in India for 5000 B.C. and it is well rooted in Vedas. When we talk about the nature of planets, their movement, their transition, combustion the same place word Retrogression comes in our mind that what is the meaning of Retrogression of Planets in astrology. Indian astrologers have always followed the true nature and its effects of planets while make accurate predictions. Anyone who wants to know about Indian astrology has to consider the true sense and nature of Planets and their transitions as well as planetary permutations and their combinations only then one can understand the Indian astrology and can become able to make accurate predictions.
Each of the planets, irrespective of whether inferior or outer reaches particular positions in its orbit, where from the point of view of an observer on earth, the planet will slow down in its direct motion; become stationary in the sky, and then appear to reverse the direction of its motion in moving backwards in the sky. It is this motion which we call retrograde motion. In retrogression, the planet does not actually move in reverse direction, their movement is always in one direction. Because we look at them from the earth. They appear to retrogress. The apparent motion of a planet backwards in the zodiac is due to the motion of the earth in its orbit. The Sun and Moon are never retrograde, Rahu (Dragon’s head) and ketu (Dragon’s tail) are always retrograde, but all the others are various times, so long they appear to move backward in the zodiac, they are said to be in retrogression.
In the planetary racing round the sun when the instantaneous velocity of an inferior planet is directed exactly towards earth, it is at eastern quadrature, from higher and higher relative speed it approaches the inferior conjunction period, when it is nearest to earth in the cycle. Continuing on with lesser and lesser, relative speed, it reaches the western quadrature,where its instantaneous velocity is directed exactly away from earth for a slightly shorter arc, as the earth is also advancing in the same direction, the planet appears to tread in the reverse direction on the apparently fixed arena. When earth in a similar manner overtake any superior planet, it appears to behave similarly and such apparent state of planets known as retrogression and the apparent motion of it as retrograde motion. The superior planet at opposition is nearest to earth in that cycle. The path and orbit of every planet is more of an ellipse than a cycle. No two planets perform a complete revolution in the same period of time. Owing to differences in their speed, there is continual change in the zodiac as viewed from the earth, one planet overtaking and passing another, then apparently slowing, stopping and beginning to move backward.
Retrograde planets do have part in making accurate predictions in astrology. In keeping this holistic approach detailed analysis of the horoscope are needed by Vedic astrologers. Indian astrology in a position to calculate and make accurate prediction of our horoscope in best manner but to be employed by vedic astrologers in order to gauge the effects of retrograde planets with the greatest degree of precision.

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