Sunday, February 13, 2011

Efficacy of astrology

Astrology has a long history from the dawn of civilization. In India we find references of astrological renderings in the ancient scriptures like Vedas, Ramayana and Mahabharatha.In the modern time, scientists of great eminence like Isaac Newton had reposed great faith in the divine science and recognized the effects of celestial bodies over the terrestrial activities. He in fact himself was an ardent astrologer. He once retorted his pupil who had disregarded and ridiculed astrology by saying “I have studied these things and you have not”. This was a befitting answer to those who are skeptical about the efficacy of the astrology, as their ostentations are based on the high consuct and achievements of science. Now there are many renowned scientists and astronomers who are getting inclined towards this astronomical based science and note none have any doubt over the fact that there exists an intricate relationship between celestial disturbances and terrestrial happenings.
The credit of discovering some of the fundamental cosmic laws regulating the universe and inhabitants of the earth goes to the ancient sages and astrologers. Our ancient sages and astrologers held more truthful, precise, reliable and discernible tools to comprehend and observe the celestial phenomena. All this perhaps has been possible due to vibrant consciousness activated through yogic method and divya drishti(Divine Power).A consistent concentrations of sensorium upholds vista of subtle moments and certain inherent facts which even hi-tech scientific gadgets fail to record. The learned astrologers have credited time co-ordinated system which transcended ordinary human frontier and established a time link between the happenings on the earth and in the rest of universe. The conception later on became an ideal for the astrologers who needed some mechanism to refer earthy event with planetary movements.
The Planets initially assumed entities fit to be worshiped and their gross bodies were merely confined to remedial astrology which later on expanded its scope to deal with the life process and exposed to material activities. At its final stage, the astrology connected biological and psychological order into the inner nature of man to link the behavioral aspects with planetary influences. Vedic philosophy dwelled on the concept of space,time and matter.A secret that mind exerts direct influence on the outer world, now acknowledged by the psychologixts,was well known to the learned of this science long before. Time evolution is allied to the astrological perception. The planets are the testification of matter and these planets are under constant motion in the universe (space).Their movements are governed by time. The linkage between “Time space” and “Matter” become the basic inputs for astrology to synthesis and expound astrological axioms. Thus astrology is a time tested predictive science which has been used by world since time immemorials.If astrologers truly apply the rule and norms of astrology to predict the happenings of life then it would become the self help tool to upgrade our life as a most important factors.

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