Friday, July 17, 2009

Ashwini Nakshatra in Astrology

Devata for Ashwini Nakshatra is Ashwi or the Duality known as Ashwini Kumar Twins, the physician of the Gods. Symbol - the head of a horse. Ruler Ketu. This Nakshatra assigns zeal, energy, magnetic personality, courage and inherent good qualities to the ones born in it. Those who are born in this Nakshatra are generally very attractive and elegant. Ashwini borne, move, think and act very fast. At times their love for speeding can cause them trouble instead of efficiency. They initiate and innovate new things and projects constantly. Here, the qualities of horse are displayed wherever this Nakshatra makes its mark. Ashwini people enjoy good aspects in relationships, except for the fact that sometimes the stubbornness creates troubles with others. The heroic and courageous nature of all the people born under this star comes in handy while choosing professions like armed forces, Law enforcement etc. Love for speeding also lends the interest in favor of sports, athletics, flying, riding and business (quick thinking). Ashwini Nakshatra also provides the natives with healing capabilities, and one can progress to great heights in medicine and alternate fields of medicine. People who are born in this Nakshatra when the Moon was in Ashwini Nakshatra, they are scrupulous, prosperous, obedient, truthful, and obtain all comforts. They are endowed with good family and children and wealth. They are daring, handsome and well off. You are a capable administrator, cruel, of big body and respected. They sacrifice money, have a good conduct and an enjoyer. They are quick and candid, a knower of scriptures, rational and succeed in quarrels. They have long hands and wide eyes. They are respected by kings and speak sweetly. They are daring, arrogant, thief, and a fraud. They are unkind, practice forbidden paths, intelligent, and contain some symbol on their girdle. They are fickle and undertake traveling. They may court other women and are farsighted. You are not independent, but strong.
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