Thursday, July 9, 2009

Emerald Gem stone

A fascinating and precious gemstone, emerald is considered goddess among gemstones. It is believed to provide peace and harmony. This green variety of beryl, a silicate of beryllium and aluminium represents regeneration and life. This green colour of emerald is due to trace of chromium. Finest quality emeralds are even more precious than diamonds.
Colour: It has a typical, distinctive hue called emerald green. It emits cold green rays. The colour of the earth element is green. Hence green is a positive force and provides complete peace and harmony.Found in: More recently, layers of emerald have been found in Brazil, South Africa, Zambia, Pakistan, Afghanistan and India, but the emerald specimens found in Colombian are just unequaled. Synthetic emeralds are produced in Germany (Zerfass), United States (Chatham) and France (Gilson) Astrological ImportanceEmerald is believed to improve memory, communication, intuition, and more. Besides it also sharpens the brain. Emerald is a very beneficial gem for eyes and nervous system too. The person who wears it gets sufficient wealth. Emerald is also helpful in curing lack of concentration, depression, dullness, laziness, headache and sexual diseases etc.Lucky GemEmerald is a lucky gem for all those who are born under number 5. Mercury rules this number. People born on 5th, 14th, and 23rd of any month are governed by this number. Other Uses of Emerald: Previously emerald was used in making inlay works in the magnificently built edifices. Also used in making gemstone jewellery. You may also find emerald studs in numerous historical edifices. It can also be used in decorating various items of interest Emerald CareKeep it with away from any hard metal or jewellery to avoid scratches. To maintain the shine, do clean it from time to time.Shape & Size: Can be cut into different shapes and sizes according to the need. Business Opportunities with Emeraldwearing an emerald helps in the business & profession of Argumentative profession, democratic dealings, astrology, writing skills, editing, publishing, acting, sculpture business, etc.Defective EmeraldsAn Emerald with a depression causes accidents.An Emerald with a web is dangerous for the family of the wearer.An Emerald with no luster brings bad luck.An Emerald with yellow spots or sprinklings is harmful for offspring.An Emerald with reddish look causes loss of prestige.An Emerald with a crack or a crevice brings financial misfortune.
The astrologers of the hermit’s hut of Vedic astrology will guide you through the suitability of appropriate gemstones for different ascendants in birth charts. You will also come to know which gemstones should never be worn together and also about the medicinal use. So, kindly request our Gem stone astrology Report.


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