Thursday, July 9, 2009

Diamond Gem stones

Diamond is the most exclusive of all gemstones. Though diamond has slowly started making place in most middle class households today, its possession is yet considered to be extravagance. It is believed that this opulent gemstones is presided by the Gods.
Chemical composition of diamond is - pure crystallized carbon referable to the cubic order of crystallography. It mainly forms in volcanic craters and dispersed by volcanic eruption or flooding.The brilliance of diamond is unparalleled. The luster high refraction, reflection, dispersion of light and hardness gives it an edge amongst other gemstones. It is the hardest matter known, but at the same time it is so delicate, that it may easily break, if hit by hard substance.Colour: Diamond is not necessarily colourless. The normal range of colours runs from colorless to slightly yellow or brown. It is available in superbly expensive pale pinks and blues, pale to bright yellows, oranges, greens, and in many brown shades that are now known as cognac and champagne. White or colourless diamond is the most sought after. Even the blue, pink and red are in high demand. Red diamonds are among the rare most of all gemstones; only two are known to exist.Found in: All over the world, most prominent locations are Australia, Africa, Brazil, Russia, India and most recently, Northern Canada. Astrological ImportanceDiamond is believed to overcome the devil obstacles. The one who wears a Diamond has a luxurious life, which enhances the name fame and artistic quality of the person. It also improves sexual power. People affected by Mahadasha or Antar dasha of Venus should also wear diamonds. The diseases cured by diamond are sexual disorder ness, infertility, barrenness, sperm problems, sexual desire problems, bowel diseases, constipation, kidney, eyes, gastric and cough problems etc. It is recommended to wear a high quality diamond to get rid of the troubles caused by wrong effects of Venus.Lucky GemVenus rules this number. All those who are born on 6th, 15th and 24th of any month are governed by No.6.The lucky gem for a No.6 person is Diamond. Diamond is the birthstone for the month of April. Diamond also brings luck to the people born under the Taurus or Libra sun signs.Other Uses of Diamond: There are two main varieties of diamond. One has industrial use and the other is used in jewellery making and many more artistic works. Coloured, opaque or impure diamonds have industrial use (widely employed for drilling tools and precision instruments), while the absolute white and the purest one is used in jewellery making. Diamond CareDiamonds are graded by carat weight, color, clarity and cut. Almost all wishes to possess this most precious and most expensive gemstone. The brilliance and sophistication of diamond is matchless. Hence it needs most safe and secure place for maintenance and protection. It easily breaks so needs proper care. Shape & SizeCan be cut into different shapes and sizes according to the need.Business Opportunities with Diamond: Wearing a Diamond helps in the business and profession of film producing & direction, film distribution, actor, artist, lyrics writer, dancer, diamond jewelry, silver and gold ornaments, designers clothes and jewelry, high-tech vehicles, hotels and restaurants, sweets making, entertainment business, perfumes, silk garments, cotton, wheat, sugar, rice, milk etc.Defective DiamondsA Diamond with a depression brings ill health.A Diamond with White, Red, Black or Honey coloured sprinklings brings disgrace.A Diamond with blackish tinge brings financial losses.A Diamond which is dull brings Bad-Luck.A Diamond with a Web causes mental troubles.
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