Thursday, July 9, 2009

Coral Gems stone

Coral is not a mined stone or mineral, but an organic gemstone. Formed from a living thing, Coral is the "skeleton" formed by the individual polyps, plant-like animals, which make up a colony under the seawater in deep sea. It is a hard calcareous matter formed of the continuous skeleton secreted by many families of marine coelenterate polyps (a family of zoophytes, gelatinous marine animals called polyps) for their support and habitation. It looks like a under water colourful plant which keeps growing biologically. It is an amazing gift from the ocean.
Colour: Red and pink are the usual colours for coral, but white and black are also known.Found in: Red Italian coral are believed to be the finest quality coral, mostly demanded in the jewellery industry. Coral reefs are generally found in almost all the oceanic parts of the world. The major deposit of corals is Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Queensland, Australia. The finest specimens come from Sardinia and Tunisia; the corals from Japan and China are known to be less fine ones. Coral are also found off the coast of Washington State and the Aleutian Islands in Alaska.Astrological Importance as gems stoneCoral is believed to cure blood related diseases. Red coral is very helpful in making the wearer courageous. It is also believed to reduce the troubles caused due to wrong/harmful positions of Mars. Lucky Gems stoneRed Coral is a lucky gem for all those who are born under number 9. Mars rules this number. People born on 9th, 18th, and 27th of any month are governed by this number. Coral is one of the five sacred stones of the Tibetans and the American Indians. Other Uses of Coral: Coral is usually polished en cabochon or into beads, but is also often carved as decorative items. The coral reefs also make the under water activities like - scuba diving and snorkeling a recreational tourism activity. Additionally, coral reefs are also useful as a protection against hurricanes and other extreme weather. Coral Care: Keep it with away from any hard metal or jewellery to avoid scratches. To maintain the shine, do clean it from time to time.
Shape & Size: Coral has no proper shape or size but it is given shape and size only after it is procured from ocean. It appears like a red colored dry stem when procured. Business Opportunities with Coral: It represents the business of gold, steel, agriculture, weapons and property. Police & defense services, chemical studies, surgery, dental treatments are the professions lead by Mars.Defective Corals: A Red Coral with coloured spots cause huge financial losses.A Red Coral with a crack is not lucky for the wearer's family.A Red Coral with more than one shades of colour brings losses in business.
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