Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Sun In Vedic astrology

The sun signifies father,courage,power,vitality,personality,authority,consciousness,sattvic nature native ruled by the sun will be of a large and round face, of honey coloured eyes,heart,brain,head,eye,bones,chest,lungs and stomach are the body parts signified by the sun. It also signifies as ambition, bloodlessness, and dignity, commanding power, politician, reliable, energy, grace and personality.
But when the sun is afflicted in Indian horoscope or in Indian astrology, ill aspect or ill placed, it signifies arrogance, wavering temperament, jealous. Over ambitious. The Sun is the lord of Sunday, direction east, own house is Leo, exalted in Aries at 10 degree, mool trikona Leo 20 degree and debilitated in Libra at 10 degree. Friendly planets of the Sun are moon, mars and Jupiter, neutral mercury and enemies are Saturn and Venus. It is considered male, positive and malefic in Indian astrology.
The Sun denotes Ruby and metals are gold and copper. The constellation ruled by the sun are krittika,uttara Phalguni and uttara Ashadha,the major or Vimshottary period of Sun is for 6 years as considered in Indian astrology.
The Diseases signifies by the Sun are weak eye sight,headache,disturbation of blood cieculation,fevers,bone weakness, palpitation of heart,baldness,epilepsy,heart diseases,lucaria,fistula and inflammatory complaints.
Colours denoted by the Sun are orange, yellow, brown and gold.Sun, the ruler of all planets has innumerous names in Hindi but is commonly known as Surya/Suraj. The source of vitality and the physical make up; Sun is the heart of our solar system that includes nine planets. The planets move around the Sun and are dependent on its energy. Sun plays a vital role for existence of life forms in Earth, the only planet in our solar system with life forms.
Sun is the supreme planetary body in astrology. According to Indian Astrology, Sun brings success, intellect, wisdom, fame and wealth and is the ruler of zodiac sign Leo. Good placement of Sun in the horoscope can bring fame to a person on his/her area of work, or even the whole world. If ill-placed in the horoscope it is an indication of physical, mental or emotional problems, pessimistic attitude, humiliation at the hands of others and impoverished conditions of life. It also makes the individual arrogant, boastful and vain.
Right placement of Sun in the horoscope brings in willpower, energy and fortune to the life of an individual, enabling him/her to live life to its grandest. Whether it is the looks, personality, wisdom or achievement, Sun has a dominant role to play in an individual’s life. Right presence of Sun in horoscope brings in power, intelligence, and everything that makes a person an easy winner in every sphere of life. Sun impacts the physical, as well as psychological makeup of a person. People with the right placement of Sun in the horoscope, whether – a king, leader, politician, artist, jeweler, gemologist, actor, or in any other profession are known to be charitable.
The Sun, eulogized as Vishnu, the lord of presentation, is the father of our solar system, around which all planets resolve. The power of light in the sky, the temperature of the earth, the power of presentation and progress are represented by the Sun. His presence means the day and absence means the night. The soul in human body and the power of rendering bodily services to others have also been referred to the Sun-a royal planet of power, authority and finances.
The sun provides good results if placed in 1to 5, 8,9,11 and 12 houses. The 6,7 and 10th are bad houses for the sun. The moon, the Jupiter and the Mars are the planets friendly to the sun, where the Saturn, Venus, rahu and ketu are enemies. The first is the perfect house, the permanent house and the house of exaltation of the Sun, whereas the 7th house of debilitation. The Mars in the 6th house and ketu in the 1st house make the sun produce results of an exalted planet. if the sun is exalted or placed in an auspicious house of a person’s horoscope he is bound to rise higher and higher in power and position. if obstacles are created against him by a person that person is bound to meet his/her doom. Much better results are proposed, if the sun is conjunction with Mercury.
The sun gives adverse effects on the things associated with the house in which he is placed. Consequently in the 1st house he will create health problems for the native. In the 2nd house he will affect the family and its comforts absolutely adversely.
The Sun in the 6th house will not prove good for the sisters and daughters for the native. In the 7th house he will face obstacles in the comforts of the wife. The sun of the 8th house will save the native from death in critical situations.
The Sun of the 9th house will destroy the comforts of the forefathers and perhaps deprive the native of their properties. In the 10th house, the sun will affect the father adversely. The sun in the 11th increases and multiplies the income of the native manifold, if he does not augment the power of Saturn by consumption of liquor, meat and eggs. The Sun in the 12th house destroys the comforts of the night hour sleep of the native.
The Sun will not be able to harm, Venus when the Sun is being aspected by Saturn because Saturn and Venus are great friends to each other. On the contrary, if the Saturn is being aspected by the Sun, then the Sun will not be afraid of Saturn and he will destroy the Venus as both are natural enemies in the house where he is placed.


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