Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ruby Gems stone

The sun is the central focal point in the solar system as is the Thalamus in our body. All activity in the solar system revolves around the sun. In our Physiology, all activity is controlled and ordered by the thalamus. Enlivening the positive influences of Surya strengthens the physiology and strengthens the qualities of Surya in our daily life. The stone of love, surrounds the user with an aura of beauty, and can actually transform their appearance.
Powers of Ruby:
Ruby symbolizes spiritual and elevated love. It also symbolizes purity, which results in devotion. It gives birth to divine fire and purification. Wearing a Ruby fills the life of wearer with positive life- force energy. Ruby also ensures adequate circulation of the bloodstream. The vibrations emitted by the Ruby are stimulating and inspiring. These lead to enhanced will power and an elevated soul.
Ruby is said to have effects on the name, fame, vigor, virtue, warmth and the capacity to command to its user. Its color is red and is a hot stone.
Its use leads to generate the mental and spiritual powers and special divine thoughts rise in mind. Manikya or Ruby balances Surya (Sun). Surya represents the king of the solar system in Jyotish. It also represents Authority, Power, Self, Father, Body and Health. Depending on the placement of Surya in your birth chart, the wearing of a ruby may be very auspicious in strengthening the positive influences of Surya. Surya, the sun acts like the Thalamus in the Human Physiology.

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