Monday, March 14, 2011

Venus and Astrology

The Venus is the brightest object in the sky after the SUN; Venus stays close to its solar companion, never staying more than 48 degrees. Approaching closer to earth than any other planet (with the exception of the Moon), Venus represents one of the most obvious drives behind human behaviour: the need for relationship. The position of Venus in a chart indicates capacity for closeness and intimacy with others and for relationship with oneself. The potential for self-esteem, this planet is a reminder that someone who can not love and value his or her own self is unable to give and receive love or share affection or inter into intimacy.
Venus is considered a sociable planet in astrology, symbolizing the need to meet oneself through external relationship. With Venus in a compatible sign, especially with easy aspects, relationship flow freely and easily. Venus in an incompatible sign can point to a surface coolness or to transient relationships that mask a deep fear of intimacy. Venus personifies desire-for emotional satisfaction, for all that is beautiful, aesthetic and valuable, for money in the bank. Venus serves as a reminder that what is valued externally is a refelection of what is most loved within oneself and what is attracted may be what is most feared. VENUS Position in the chart indicates what someone values and whether they believe they are worth loving and whether they deserve happiness. This planet also reveals the type of person with whom there is natural attraction and harmony. This may be lover or a friend, but the most Venus-attuned friendships have something sexual and erotic at their heart, even if it is not acted upon.
In a Man’s horoscope chart, the position of Venus indicates what he is attracted to in a partner, the qualities he seeks, what turns him on and what he desires. Venus is his enima and his ideal woman-an idealized picture of the feminine which may turn sour. Closely bound up with her sense of self and her own feminity in a woman’s chart, sensuous Venus indicates how a woman presents herself to the world, the body language she uses to express her feminity.What she values in herself and how comfortable she feels with herself as a female .It is the need to look good. In both Men and Women, Venus is sensuality, the capacity to enjoy gratification of the senses and to indulge the body. It is the urge to be glamorous, voluptuous, hedonistic, erotic, cosy, comforting, lustful or frigid, according to its sign.
A Venus-attuned person has a pleasing appearance and charming manner. Overtly or covertly, seductive Venus imparts a magnetic sexuality that is hard to resist. On the surface, this pleasure attuned planet puts out the message ‘Come and get me’; whether that message is blatant or subtle depends on the sign in which venus is placed in horoscope. Beneath that superficial attractiveness, Venus is dark and erotic, possessing a compulsive drive that can manipulate mercilessly or even kill to obtain what it desires. The side of Venus that emerges is in part governed by outer planet aspects, but it is possible for the planet’s dual nature to emerge at anytime.Traditionally, when venus is well placed, the disposition is charming, equable, qiet and placid, but easily aroused to jealosy.When Venus is poorly placed in horoscope, the disposition is shameless, lascivious and profligate.Hence, Venus plays important role in astrology to make our life comfortable and happier.

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