Friday, March 25, 2011

Indian Horoscope-destiny’s best advisory

Some people are so attached to their astrologer’s advice that they do not even sign important documents till the auspicious hour does not strike. Like the general physician who is like a family member, the astrologer is an important advisor to state of affairs for many families. The knowledge of Indian horoscope has been well known in the sub-continent for long. For the use of Indian horoscope in the right perspective, most experienced astrologers depend on the planetary movements to make their calculations. To make an Indian horoscope the birth date, time in terms of longitude, latitude, place of birth is important. Although the planets do not affect any one on their own, the orbiting and their transition in conjunction with others makes all the difference. When they move in a certain manner, they affect the souls down below, i.e us human beings. So if Saturn is around expect difficulties and discipline to occur. It could be for 2 ½ years, 7 years, 14 years or 30 years! That is the power of Saturn. Saturn has the power to make a person lame, paralyzed and also has the ability to create accidents of different nature. When a person is besieged with problems of finance, family problems and also has lost hope, maybe Saturn is the culprit in the person’s horoscope. Remedies are given to appease the Lord Saturn by way of some rituals.
Making an Indian horoscope does not mean one needs to be born in India or in the Asian sub-continent only. As long as one is able to furnish the details of the birth, place and right time an astrologer can make fairly good predictions. Another wonderful aspect of the Indian horoscope is that it gives free will a chance to defy destiny. Thus if there is a problem that appears in the birth chart of a person, there is a chance to use free will to make changes too. Obviously one cannot defy destiny but its course can always be changed with the help if the birth chart. Having a birth chart or a horoscope made is valuable for all human beings. In fact even animal astrology is well known. Even pets have horoscopes made via calculations. It is really amazing how one can take corrective measures. So if one can visit the medical practitioner for a physical problem then why not visit the astrologer to improve destiny and various aspects of your life. It is worth a try and time will tell if all is well.

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