Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pooja,Indian Pooja ,Online vedic Pooja

Pooja is a set of actions, often thought to have symbolic value, the performance of divine activities which is usually prescribed by a religion or by the traditions of a community. A Onle Pooja may be performed at regular intervals, or on specific occasions, or at the discretion of individuals or communities. It may be performed by a single individual or by a group, or by the entire community; in arbitrary places, or in places especially reserved for it; either in public, in private, or before specific people.
A ritual may be restricted to a certain subset of the community, and may enable or underscore the passage between religious or social states.

The purposes of rituals are varied; they include compliance with religious obligations or ideals, satisfaction of spiritual or emotional needs of the practitioners, strengthening of social bonds, demonstration of respect or submission, stating one's affiliation, obtaining social acceptance or approval for some event or sometimes, just for the pleasure of the ritual itself.

Rituals of various kinds are a feature of almost all known human societies, past or present.

They include not only the various worship rites and sacraments of organized religions and cults, but also the rites of passage of certain societies, oaths of allegiance, coronations, and presidential inaugurations, marriages and funerals, and more.

Due to their symbolic nature, there are hardly any limits to the kind of actions that may be incorporated in a ritual.

Worship of God through symbols and images, offering oblations into specially consecrated sacrificial fires, the practice of meditation at sunrise, noon and sunset,- these were some of the rituals obligatory on almost all the Hindus during the ancient days. Even to this day, these have been kept up, though in a modified form, and with lesser intensity.

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