Friday, March 25, 2011

Indian Astrology-Immortal through space and time

In ancient India records of birth and death were calculated to the very nanosecond and astrologers hit the bull’s eye each time. Today with globalization the sun, moon and the stars are still playing their important role in predictive sciences like astrology. Indian astrology is an amalgamation of astro physics, psychic abilities, star power and accurate details given by a client. All this is required for a prediction to come to its reasonable conclusion. Perhaps in comparison to other predictive methods of knowing the future, this method has success because it takes into consideration many factors before any foretelling is done. It has been a serious business and now with it has also kept pace with the new age. It has become technology savvy and survived. It has become immortal through space and time.
Indian astrology has entered the cyberspace like many other foretelling arts and science. Online software, consultations and a host of other services like havans, annual personal prediction, career graphs, advisories on wearing gemstones, potent marriage dates can be availed online. With the aid of the computers Indian astrology has become more accurate as horoscopes can be cast and delivered online. This age old science has adapted itself to the future without compromising on its actual techniques and details of foretelling. The astrologers still use the six branches. These include the Gola, which is a positional astronomy, the Ganita, a mathematical calculations to find the Gola, the Jataka, which is the natal astrology, the Prasna, the Muhurta, which is the auspicious time to start anything and the Nimitta which are the omens and portents. Horoscope, gemstones, vedic charts, vastu shastra are used to make more accurate predictions.
Many known astrologers have websites that provide online services to help customers. One can get absolute privacy in matters relating to the heart, finances with reasonable consultancy packages. Customers can get remedies for all problems to make their lives happier. The emergence of Indian astrology in the corporate sector has helped businessmen, CEOs and many executives to take corrective measures. Sometimes it becomes essential to contact the astrologers personally. All information is mentioned on the website. It is hard to ignore the popularity of this predictive science. The very fact that it has adapted itself to make it relevant in this century and also the coming ones shows, there is immense faith in its calculations. This is one of the main reasons it is acceptable universally and brings under its large umbrella a host of other smaller off-shoots. Maybe it’s time to make click that celestial mouse and remove the obstacles with a remedy.

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