Thursday, March 3, 2011

Predicting Marriage through Indian astrology

Hunger and thirst are the primordial and most powerful urges of Man and Woman, having their sway from the moment a child or baby is born, till the old man and woman dies. Next only to those instinctive urges is the sex urges, of a male from his adolescence till even 60 or 65,or of a female from her attaining maturity till she attains menopause, when maturation ceases, and so the woman may cease to think of sex or desire the sex act.And,human ingenuity devised the institution of Marriage, by yoking a man and a woman in wedlock, for mating and begetting progeny, lest promiscuous union of persons lead to social complications and strife,due,for instance, to more than one man coveting a woman or what is rather rarer, more than one woman coveting a man. Just as a ridge demarcate A’s land fromB’s,even so the tail or mangalya,worn round the neck of a woman, is an indication that she has been married and none need case a covetous glance at her.
A Frenchman defined marriage as “an incomparable mutual friendship embellished by a unique mutual possession”. Good friends share the weal and woes of each other; and a sincere friend in need will never forsake his friend. Marriage being a life long friendship between two members of opposite sexes is faster and stronger, on account of the sexual intimacy between the spouses for their mutual satisfaction.
Birth, Marriage and death are the most important events in life on which astrologers are consulted. Even those who do not believe in astrology are seen seeking the advice of best astrologers in regard to marriage compatibility and electional astrology at the time of Marriage of their daughters and sons eve today. Marriage amongst Hindus was a sacrament in ancient days. It is a matter of pride for Indians that marriage is still considered to be a life long sacramental union of Man and woman, rather than a sort of civil contract based on the conjugal necessity. The astrologers first examine the horoscope to see whether the native will have marriage, and if so, when it will take place. The first point of consideration is the longevity of the person concerned. The astrologer advises the native that he or she should not into matrimonial alliances if there are indications for a short life in his or horoscope. If both male and female proposed to be united in wedlock have got longevity according to their horoscopes, the astrologer compares the horoscopes and find out whether they are mutually agreeable. There are many astrological factors are also interpreted by astrologers like Kuja Dosha, Vish Kanya Yoga,Vaidhabya Dosha etc.Our predict marriage by astrologers using Indian astrology.

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