Monday, March 28, 2011

Vaastu Services

Vastu is one of the most ancient sciences of architecture to create balance between the environment and your dwelling place. We have a panel of expert astrologers to answer your queries related to your house and office architecture. We help you correct you direction and increase the flow of positive energy and diminish the negative energy in your place of dwelling.Vaastu is a most uncommon term. Only few people aware of its importance and very few people have sufficient knowledge of vaastu, to enable them to practice Vastu with confidence. Although Vastu principles are simple but very few people have access to reliable vaastu norms. Application of vaastu norms only, for construction of houses, buildings, factories, workshops or business complex without simultaneously applying astrological norms, does not give desired results.
Vedas, Puranas and Upanishads are well known ancient documents of Indians. Astrology supplements all these ancient documents and is considered as an eye of Vedas. Applied branch of astrology also deals with vaastu shastra-a science dealing with construction of houses, buildings and other structures.Vastu deals with different aspects of house and buildings construction in such a way that the house or building in question is most favourable and lucky for the owner of the building or its occupants. In case the norms and important principles of vaastu are also applied and digbal (directional strengths) are properly applied, the building becomes very lucky and benefic for all concerned persons. This is possible in spite of some malefic combination existing in the natal chart of the owner. Such evil combination in the horoscope becomes powerless. The norms prescribed in Vastu, if accurately applied, ensure desired results and fulfillment of all desires pertaining to house or building constructions. The vaastu ensures prosperity,peace,good luck,safety,happiness,good health,comforts,satisfaction,improve reputation, growth of family, long life of owner, birth of healthy child, improve social and financial status and courage to the owner and other members of the family. In addition, vaastu ensures good longevity to the house or building in question. It also ensures completion of house or building construction without any obstruction, delay, damage, setback or objection by local administration ensures peace of mind and happiness.
I am VAASTU expert in Delhi and have been provided by vaastu services for Delhi and its surrounding areas for last 15 of years and guided many politicians, bureaucrats, businessmen, builders and individuals to lead their lives successfully. I usually visit Mumbai, Kolkata and other parts of country for consultancy of vaastu services. If you are celebrities, film stars, politicians, businessman and want to lead your life successfully with the help of horoscope readings, numerology services and Vastu services then do consult me, I will guide you positively to ensure good career growth, business growth, name and fame and any other issues and to sort out your problems.
Vaastu services
Vaastu experts Delhi
Vastu consultants Delhi

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