Monday, March 7, 2011

Ashtakvarga and horoscope Readings

Ashtakvarga Plays very important role for horoscope readings.Ashtakvarga means eight sources of energy. Apart from other sources of Prediction, this is also one of the oldest systems to judge a horoscope at a glance by observing the benefic points or Bindus of ‘Sarvashtakvarga’ in each house of horoscope. This is still prevalent in the southern states of India but in north India it is used only by experienced and famous astrologers and research scholars. As manual calculations of Ashtakvarga are quite cumbersome and time consuming, astrologers did not use it in the past also but with the advent of computers, it can be easily prepared by any astrologers. It is based on the principle of transit where each planet gives its good effects at certain places with reference to the position of natal Moon in the horoscope. For example in transit Sun gives good effects at 3,6 and 11th Place from the position of natal Moon but in Ashtakvarga the effects of seven planets from Sun to Saturn and also the ascendant are examined collectively. Each planet in horoscope gives its benefic effect known as benefic dots from its own place in transit and also with reference to other planets and the ascendant. The position of Rahu and Ketu are taken into account in Ashtakvarga which in itself is a very wide subject and has various techniques of horoscope readings. For example, for close timing of any event, it can be determined through the ‘Kakshya’ principle. The most commonly used method is the ‘sarvastkvarga’.By looking at this number of benefic points in any house in the ‘Sarvashtakvarga’,one can give prediction at a glance which is also known as snapshot method of prediction. An important principle here is that the strength of a planet is judged by the number of Dots it has in the house where it is posited rather than the house it rules.Similarly,the houses with less than average number of dots are considered weak with respect to their significations.
There are total 337 dots comprising of all the twelve signs/houses in ‘Sarvashtakvarga’.According to another school of thought, there are 386 dots in ‘Sarvashtakvarga’ but the system of 337 dots is generally used and found more accurate. If the dots are more than 30 in a house of horoscope or a planet has more than 30 as maximum dots their significances are supposed to fructify well but it the dots are minimum or less than average, the tend to give bad results. For example if a native is passing through his ‘Sadhesaati’ and has 35, 36, and 39 benefic points in the twelve house, first and second house in his horoscope, the native needs to be careful in his behavior and dealings with other people as he may have some difficulties.Sadhesaati starts when Saturn enters the sign preceding the natal Moon sign and remains till it crosses the second house from the natal Moon.
Ashtakvarga principles can also be applied for determination of time of Marriage, birth of Children, matching of horoscopes for Marriage and for Muhurtha for various activities and functions. If astrologer applies Ashtakvarga to predict happenings of life then his/her prediction will never go in wrong directions and can predict accurately.

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